Saturday, December 31, 2011

My New Coupon/Shopping Notebook

Earlier this year, I bought a zippered notebook for my shopping/coupon notebook. After several instances of accidentally dropping my notebook at the store and coupon sections scattering across the floor, I decided it was time for a change! Actually, hubby was with me when it happened and he decided it was time for a change-lol!

Sorry for the grainy pics-new camera and not quite used to the settings on it yet :) Anyway, this is the zippered notebook I purchased from Walmart. It was about $10 and well worth the expense! See that CVS card peeping through the front zippered pocket? In there I keep, along with my CVS card, all my RR Rewards and ECBucks. It keeps them all in one place and safe for me.

Now, this little pouch opens.

And inside are insert for putting pens, maybe an id card in case you accidentally leave your notebook at a store (I have never, ever done that-no, not me!!), or whatever you can think of.

And, there is yet another zippered part in the front where I place my scissors and calculator. In my old notebook, these items would always fall out while I was shopping. Now, they stay sage and secure and my kids no longer take my scissors, even though they know they are in there-another plus!!!

                                                                     Now, the inside:

Over to the left, you can see there are file spaces inside. I place current coupon sections inside here. Old sections go into my larger file I leave at home. You can also place coupon booklets from say Walgreen's or Right at Home. I even carry my sales ads from other stores in these, and just clean them out when the sale is over. This way, if I need to compare prices, or comp ad, I have the ads safe and secure :)

Here is a view of the whole inside. To the left, those files I was just telling you about. On the right is where I hold my shopping lists, and my plastic coupon holding inserts.

And, this is where I keep those clipped coupons. I organize it to how I ship-sections for Health & Beauty, Dairy, frozen, and meats, Pets, Cleaning supplies, etc....I also have a section for just store coupons like Target, Walgreen's, etc...

And, this is the back of the inside. Another area to hold my pens (which is where I usually place them so they are easily accessible. And, an area to hold things like a calendar (see those papers peeking out from under the black/gray section?).

Hope this gives you an idea of my shopping notebook. It has truly been so much easier for me to use it to shop verses the old one I had (you can see it here ).

Friday, December 30, 2011

Get Those Coupons Printed and Barilla Coupon is Back!!

Head on over to and start printing out all those coupons you were wanting before they are gone! Those Kashi cereal coupons will start to come in handy with some good Kashi sales coming up next month :) Also, there is a reset on the Barilla pasta sauce coupon-$1 off! I found it under zip code 90210.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hi Everyone!!!

I am so sorry for being so absent this month! It really flew by! I have been busy with my kids, hubby had a vacation this month, and I have been helping a friend's son after school. I felt totally disorganized and rundown! So, I plan to start a new month, well, and a new year to boot, with promises of being more organized! I also have some great things to share with you next month, so keep watching! You can't beat freebies and these will be free for you!!!

So stick around and keep an eye out :) I also plan to share some other great recipes, money saving ideas, homeschool fun, and many other things! It's going to be a great year!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Great Palmer's Coupon for $2 off Palmers Face Product

Go to Palmer's and register for a free account. They will send you an email for a printable coupon for $2 off any Palmer's Cocoa Butter Face Product. Some of these products are right around $2 (one is about $2.17) at Walmart, so you can get a great deal with this coupon. Or save for a sale at CVS or Walgreen's :) You can print this coupon multiple times. When I got my email, I clicked on the little link below the picture of the coupon and went to the site to print it off.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Printable Coupon for 55 cents off 2 dozen eggs!!!

From Incredible Edible Egg's FB page. This will give a great deal at Reasor's this week! They are 4/$5 and this will equal out to be about 96 cents per dozen :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turkey Info

Need information on thawing your turkey? How about how much stuffing you will need? And how long does that big ol bird take to roast? Other turkey questions? Butterball has a lot of great info you can find for questions you might have. They have a great tips section where you can put in your bird's weight to find out how long to thaw it, roast it, etc. Or, find out how 'big a bird' you need for the amount of people you have for your feast. There are also some great recipes, ideas, and even a kids' section!

Advent and Ways to Celebrate!

Growing up, my mom didn't just focus on Christmas coming, but also celebrated Advent. Every year, I received one of those chocolate filled Advent calendars-I was the envy of my friends-lol! She would purchase them from a local German store, which seemed to be, back then, the only place to buy them. It was awesome. But, she also focused on Advent in other ways.

When I had kids, and they were old enough to really experience Christmas, I wanted to focus on more than just presents and such. I wanted to focus on family, friends, and what Christmas really meant to us-the birth of Jesus. I decided that, along with those wonderful chocolate filled calendars, we would do a different activity each day of Advent. Originally, I made a paper chain, one chain for each Advent day, and it would have a different activity on it. The kids loved it, and still do (even my 3 teens :)! But, I noticed last year, certain children were sneaking peeks ahead to see what activity was coming up. Humph! Momma doesn't like that, so this year, I wanted to do something to make each day more hidden. I came up with the idea to make different Christmas shapes and making pockets with them. Then, I can add the slip of paper with the activity into each day's shape.  Here is a close up of one of the shapes. See the slip of paper?

Then, just using paperclips, I slid each shape onto a piece of ribbon, which I then hung on one of my walls:

I chose to mark down the days. I also killed time whily my husband watched a movie we have seen several times already and decorated each little shape :)

Each day, one of the kids (and we go in order from youngest to oldest) gets to take that day's shape down and read the activity. Some of the activities we do are : ride around looking at Christmas lights while drinking hot cocoa, watch a special dvd, watch a Christmas special on tv (I love getting advance notice on some of these through ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas), making treats for the dogs, making treats for neighbors, crafts, making presents for grandparents, help a charity, write letters to Santa (the older kids might help the younger with this), going to a special place to see lights, and many more. I try to add in atleast one new thing each year to keep my older kids surprised since they have done this for so many years, and well, because they are teens and well....ya know... ;)

If you are looking for a special way to bring some fun family memories this year, try celebrating Advent. You cna do it so many different ways. We have even learned about other cultures' celebrations during this time of year and the kids learned so much (it can be a great homeschooling tie in ;) Here are some great websites to help you get more ideas or learn more about Advent:

Family Fun's Countdown to Christmas

20 Fun Family Ideas to Fill Your Advent Calendar

24 Ways to Countdown to Christmas

PS-Advent begins that Sunday after Thanksgiving. This year, there are 28 days :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bird's Eye Veggies-$1/3 printable

 Go to Bird's Eye's website and sign in or register. Then, right under the picture feed, you will see a reddish box that has scissors in it. Click on that and it will send you to a page to print off your coupon. These are on sale this week at Reasor's for 87 cents. When you buy 3, your final price for each bag will be about 54 cents! Imagine the deal you cna get if your store doubles up to a $1!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

French's Printable Coupons

Go here and sign up or sign in to get coupons from French's. Savings for French's mustards, French Fried Onions, Frank's hot sauce, and others....

Monday, November 14, 2011

SwagBucks and Earning Through Couponing

If you search through SwagBucks, did you know you can also earn points by using coupons too? You can print off coupons through SB (which are powered by, huh?) and about 8-12 weeks after you ahve redeemed those coupons at the store, you will get your points. You get 10 points for each coupon you redeem-now, I can see how that can rack up!

If you are not familiar with SwagBucks, I highly recommend it. You earn points through doing websearches (which most of us do atleast once a day), watching video clips, using coupons printed from the SB site, and many other ways. I recently turned some of my points in to get some PayPal money (was deposited into my account in less than a week) and I am about ready to redeem more points for either an gift card or perhaps more PayPal cash :) Many people use their SB account to pay for most, if not all, of their Christmas. I am not that good yet-lol! But, it has helped out, I have to admit :) So, if you have not joined, I highly recommend it! You might not be able to rack up enough points for this Christmas, but ya never know ;)

Borden Milk-55 cents off 1/2 Gallon

Go here and sign up for the Borden Newsletter and you will get a coupon for 55 cents off any half gallon of Borden milk. Reasor's often has these on sale, so it would be a great deal with this coupon! Be sure to hit your back button on your browser so you can print this one twice!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Don't Fret the Sweat :) Suave FB coupon offer

Head on over to Suave's Fb page-Don't Fret the Sweat  and like it if you haven't already. Sign up for the coupon of your choice under the Products & Coupons link (you should see this on the left unless you automatically get there by the link above :) You have choices between coupons for Dove, Suave, or Men/Women's Degree.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Home Depot LED Light Trade In

Home Depot is at it again! Bring in your old lights sets to trade in for select LED's and get up to $5 off :) More details here.

Friday, November 4, 2011

PAM Cooking Spray

PAM Cooking Spray: Thanks PAM for my free can of cooking spray! Click here to download a $0.50 off coupon for the new #PAM *Please remember the FTC requires you to mention that you received a free sample courtesy of Smiley360 when sharing.

Wanted to share this from Smiley360. I signed up for a Pam non-stick spray challenge and they sent me a coupon for a free can of the new improved Pam. I have to tell you, I really was not expecting it to work as well as it did. Even my casserole dish that had crusty cheese on it, and sat overnight (I know, bad momma) came clean with such little effort!! Really, I wish I had asked one of my kids to take pics as I washed it-lol!! But, now you can try out the new, improved Pam by clicking the link above and getting a 50 cent off coupon :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kraft Coupon-Save $1.25 on 3 Participating Products

This is a terrific coupon! Print it out before it's gone again (they reset it). You must buy 3 participating products which include Jello, Nilla Wafers, Baker's Chocolate, Philly Cream Cheese, and Honey Maid Grahams. Reasor's has the Philly Cream Cheese for 88 cents on Surprise Buy of the Week :) It is a limit if two, but throw in a cheap box of Jello, or pick up another one of the above items (or, yes, you can pick up a 3rd cream cheese for the regular price :)

50 cents off Gold Medal Flour

This will come in handy with a sale :) Go here to print yours off.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Month---New Coupons to Print!!

It's November, and I know one sort of coupon that will be abundant-anything dealing with Holiday foods! Canned pumpkin, canned milks, baking supplies, etc! Along with sales, you can really get your Holiday meal savings down dramatically! Here are my favorite coupon printing sites. Find what you need or want now before they are gone!
General Mills
Betty Crocker

Monday, October 31, 2011

Print Those Coupons Today! New Target Coupons Out!! Print NOW!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!! Last day of the month too :) Be sure to print out all thse coupons from your favorite sites today. Also, Target has released lots of new coupons, so be sure to head on over and check them out! They have their $1 off one Market Pantry Pasta and Pasta sauce coupons-these make for a pretty good deal on pasta and sauce!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mars Candy Coupon-$1.50/ any 9.4 oz or larger bag

Head on over to to get your $1.50/ any 1 bag 9.4 oz or larger of Mars candy! It seems everyone has some good deals on these candies this week, and this coupon does not expire until Nov. 30th so you might even be able to use these after Halloween on clearance candy!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Update on Cool Whip Deal at Reasor's

Reasor's did have the Cool Whip Season's Delights on sale for 68 cents, and the the whole 75 cents was taken off at the register! So, I was able to get two containers of Cool Whip for free!  :) To learn more check my last post out here.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Possible Free Cool Whip From Reasor's Surprise Sale :)

If you were one of the folks who liked Cool Whip on FB and got he coupon (still available-go here) you might be able to use these at Reasor's this week. From what I am seeing other's post, the Season's Delights is on sale with regular Cool Whip for 68 cents this week. The coupon from Cool Whip is for 75 cents off any Season Delights-that means free!!!! I will post tomorrow when I do my shopping and let you know for certain if the Season Delights are included :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Witch's Hands

Planning a Halloween party? Have neighbor kids that don't mind getting homemade treats when they come 'tricking'? These look like so much fun and I think kids would have a blast with these! Perhaps they can even help make them! Check out my friend's blog-What's Cookin?? to learn how to make Witch's Hands. And, don't just stop there-check out here other recipes! With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming, she has some wonderful recipes she shares from her holiday menus. And, her sugar cookies are amazing! I was never able to make sugar cookies--then I tried her recipe and had no problem! She makes some pretty good chili too ;) I have tried many of her recipes, so I can assure you they are tried and true!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Free Nescafe Sample on Facebook

Be sure to head on over and like Nescafe on FB to get this nice freebie. It is a sample pack of several flavors, including a sample of the hewest flavor, peppermint mocha. Also, look on the left hand side and find the little tab that says Save on NTC. You can get a money saving coupon :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Join Smiley360 -test new products!!

I recently joined this site. I actually had forgotten all about it until yesterday.  UPS delivered a package and inside was my 1st mission I signed up for with Smiley360. I got two coupons-1 for a free can of New & Improved Pam Cooking Spray and the other was for a free can of Hunt's diced tomatoes. Also, there was a nice spatula for cooking and...get this...a 9x13 Pyrex glass baking dish! Wonderful! All I have to do is use the new Pam and report back on it. They even gave me some recipes to try out if I was 'stuck' for ideas :)

You earn points, get to try new products, and be a part of a growing community! So, check it out. Go here to sign up: Smiley360

Thursday, October 20, 2011

$1 off Butterball Turkey-fresh or frozen

Hurry to print this one before it is gone. Smartsource has printable coupons for $1 off any Butterball fresh or frozen turkey! Go here to get yours (I did find it under my zip code-74055)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WOW! $2 off 10 pk Minute Maid Juice Boxes!!!

These might go fast, so be sure to grab them while you can!! Go here to get  your coupon! You will have to share the deal with 3 friends, but why wouldn't you want to share?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

P&G Everyday Solutions Samples & Coupons

P&G has a couple of samples on their site. Go here to sign in or register to get yours! There are also some great coupons, so be sure to get those too!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rayovac Coupons from Facebook

Rayovac has some great coupons right now on their Facebook page. $1 off alkaline batteries, $1 off Rayovac flashlight, and $3 off hearing aid batteries. Take the $1 off flashlight coupon to Walmart and you should be able to score a free flashlight (could make for a fun stocking stuffer this Christmas or use it for Halloween to help protect the kids :)

Find Your Bliss Free Sample

Get your free sample now from Find Your Bliss-while supplies last. Sample includes a .5 fl. oz. pouch of bath/shower gel and .3 oz. pouch of body butter. US Residents only. Go here to get yours!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Say Hello to my Little Friend!-Halloween Spider Decoration

I think we have made this spider 4 years in a row now. The kids love it and I have to admit, I do too! This year, I gave him shorter legs. The longer legs were such a hassle as they would catch any little breeze and fly up into the gutters! So, this year, our spider friend has a fat body and short little legs (no, I did not use myself as a model for this spider!)

I found a great tutorial that I can not improve on :) The only thing I do suggest is if you decide to hang yours from the front porch or a tree, be sure to really tape the trash bags in the area where you will make holes for wire or yarn to hold him. I lay a few layers of tape (unless it's good duct tape and I will make only one layer) overtop of each other and pierce through the layers and the bag to slip my warn or wire through.

Have fun and enjoy trying to figure out a face for yours! I realized ours looks a little bummed this year. Oh well, with the economy and all, I am sure he is feeling all our pain! ;)

It's a Little Batty-Make Your Own Halloween Bat Decoration

I made this bat last year with help from my kids. He's too cute to not repeat this year. Very easily made, and most of us have these items just lying around.

Isn't he just adorable? I call him Batty (or maybe that is the name I heard when my husband was describing me to a friend? hmmm....)
He is super easy to make. Take one black trash bag (all of ours are the 30 gal. size). Take a corner of one bag at the closed end and make a 'pigtail' out of that corner. This is going to be an ear, so you can make the ear as big or little as you like. I think bats with big ears are cute, so I made mine sort of big (though, Imust admit, if my bag were green, my bat would look more like Yoda-which would be cool too :).  Use a twist tie to make the pigtail. Do the same with the other corner of the closed end of the bag.
Next, fill your bat's head. Newspaper is terrific for this and you can reuse it in your fireplace after Halloween. Or, I use the colored ads which I will not burn in my fireplace. Be sure to recycle these when you are done with Batty! I would say you want to fill it about 1/3 of the way of the total bag. As you can see by my picture, his head is about 1/3 the size of his whole body. Use a twist tie again to close off the head. Now, stuff the body. And, once again, use one of those niflty twist ties to close him up. I think he looks cute with a little tassle of bag at the bottom :)

Now, since this was my first year making Batty, I was not too sure how to do the wings. My 2nd oldest DD gave me the idea of just cutting diagonally across another trash bag. It did work, but I hated waisting that other side of that bag. I might have to make some small spiders of something :) But, I cut from one open end to the opposite closed and of the trashbag. You might have to snip some plastic a bit so your wings open right. Then, look at your wings and decide which way they will hang from the back of Batty. Use a stapler to staple the wings to his back (if you happen to catch some newspaper when you staple, it helps to support the wings and keep the plastic from tearing).

Now, you can have fun making his face. I used wide tape to attach his face and made sure it covered all my paper so it would not get ruined in any rain or dew.

Then, you can attach some string (you might tape around the holes or perhaps you can find a better way than I suggest and if you do, please let me know ;) and hang Batty in a nice place where he can hang out and let his wings flap in the breeze. Oh, one more thing I did is to place some washers on the back side of Batty's wings...this really helps to keep the wings from winding around and around when they are being blown by the breeze. I just taped them on to the very bottom corner of each wing.

Free Aiploc Baggies-1st 2,500 people

Hurry!!! These go really fast! Go here to get yours-from Right @ Home.

$3 off Cottenelle Bath Tissue

Go to Make the Switch to Ultra Softness to get a coupon for $3 off any 12 pack Cottenelle Bath tissue. Hurry as I am sure this coupon will go quickly!! I was only able to print this out once, but it's a great deal no matter what! I think Walgreen's has a great deal on this paper right now!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Target Coupons

Just in case some of you didn't know or some of you have forgotten, Target has printable coupons on their site! Here is a link. Some of these are manufacturer coupons, but many of these are Target Web Coupons. This means that you can stack them with manufacturer coupons to get really great deals on products!

Just last week, I went to Target and bought dog treats. I had a manufacturer coupon for $1.50 off any two Beggin Strips. Target had printable coupons for $1 off any Beggin Strips, so I printed out two of those. I used all three coupons together and got each bag for about 91 cents (they were about $2.66 a bag before coupons). Plus, I used a $1 off  2 coupon for Purina cat treats, and combined it with a $1 coupon from Target (only had one since I used the other a couple of weeks ago :) and got cat treats for 7 cents each :) My animals should be happy with me for a good long while :)

Since we are in a new month, there are tons of new great coupons! You can usually print out each coupon two times, so be sure to get in early. And don't hesitate to check back as Target often adds some new coupons throughout the month!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Twinings Tea Sample

Wow, so many to choose from and you can choose 3 samples! Go to Twinings and get your free tea samples quickly before they are all gone! I got two different mint types and one white tea (want to see how it tastes :) Can't wait to sit and sip these by a nice fire in the fireplace some cool evening!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Target has lots of new coupons!

Target has lots of coupons they have added to their coupon section! Be sure to check them out and print off any coupons you want before they are all gone! I saw they had a Pupperoni coupon and was hoping to be able to stack it with the coupons from the Pupperoni site, but Target's is a manufacturer coupon as well-not a Target coupon, so you cannot stack them :/ But, if you printed off your limit of the coupons from Pupperoni's site, then you can still print off the Target one :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

$1 off Pupperoni

Sorry to be so absent lately. It seems we have had someone in my house sick at different times the last month or so. It has been a battle here with pleurisy or pneumonia, and then I play catch up in between-lol! My youngest son and I were the only ones who seemed to have avoided the viruses, but he started showing signs last

On to the coupon! $1 off any Pupperoni! You will need to sign in or sign up for Delmonte. Great deal with a sale, or even at Walmart! I am constantly stocking up on treats for my two dogs-they are spoiled now-lol! But, we found it keeps our younger dog from chewing on things at night :) So, when I get a good coupon, I am thrilled :) Get yours before they are gone!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Target Beauty Bag-filled with samples and coupons! HURRY!!!!

Go here to get your free beauty bag from Target! Hurry-these go fast! Today was the 1st time I have ever been able to sign up for one of these-they all went too fast before!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free Post-it Notes Super Sticky Sample

Go here to get your free sample. I love these lil freebies! I can keep them for myself or pass along to one of my kids who use them in school work, or have fun playing with them (one of my kids used a set to go around the house putting sticky notes all over the place with the name Frank on each note. Im not sure why she did that but she had a blast and that is all that mattered! :)

Olay Sample Pack

Go here to get your Olay Sample Pack which includes:
 Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Intensive Refining Sulfur Mask Sulfur Acne Treatment 7 mL tube and Olay Professional Pro-X Clear Complexion Renewing Lotion 7 mL tube!

55 cents off Sara Lee Bread

It seems these can go on a pretty good sale at Reasor's sometimes. Or, you might get a good deal if your store doubles coupons! Go here to get your 55 cent off printable!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Body Wash from CVS and Minute Clinic

Go here and like Minute Clinic. Sign up for the free printable coupon which you can then take to CVS to redeem :) Coupon will be sent to your email, so keep an eye out for it after you sign up on the FB page!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

75 cents off Jimmy Dean Printable

"Like" Jimmy Dean on FB to get access to a printable coupon for 75 cents off  any Jimmy Dean product.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Post It Get Orgnaized for Back to School Sample Pack

Post It is giving away a sample pack-I love getting these! We use them to mark pages in school books :) Here is the link to sign up for yours.

Monday, August 1, 2011

New Month-New Coupons!! has a ton of new coupons right now. Head on over there to start your printing before these go! Also, General Mills has some coupons on some of the same products as but with an added 10 cents off-for instance, has $1/4 Totinos pizzas, while General Mills has $1.10/4..only 10 cents but every lil bit helps!! And, if you head on over to Betty Crocker, there are more of the same coupons from General Mills. Sometimes you can print from both sites two times each :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

$1 off Bird's Eye Voila Meal

Go here to get your $1 off Bird's Eye Voila meal. Makes for a quick meal and you can even stretch it more by adding in some of your own veggies and pasta :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fabric Section Back at Owasso Walmart!!!

I actually cannot believe I haven't posted this sooner-I saw it on Saturday which was the 1st official day they would start cutting :) Im so thrilled!!! There was alot of eally adorable fabrics, so if you live in the Owasso area, and you like to sew, or craft, or just have a passion for fabric-lol-be sure to stop by and help keep this fabric department going!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Keebler/Sunshine 12 pack deal at Reasor's

Stocked up on these today :) Look for $1 off coupons hanging by the Keebler/Sunshine 12 pack variety snacks boxes. And, also keep an eye out for a display (that might be where you will find the $1 off coupons) that will have coupon booklets for Keebler/Sunshine. The 12 packs are on sale for $3.99 (atleast in my Owasso store they were-In-Store special but they might have these for the same price at other stores). That makes them $2.99 per 12 pack. Then, in the booklets, there is $1.50 off fresh fruit when you buy two boxes of the Keebler or Sunshine 12 pack or larger boxes :) Reasor's has some good deals going on plums, peaches and other fruits, so this is a great deal!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

$1/2 Skippy Peanut Butter

Yummy!! I think this is my favorite peanut butter! Go here to print off a $1 off 2 jars of Skippy Peanut Butter. This coupon is redeemable only at Walmart.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Bread-$1 off printable

This looks like so much fun! My kids can't wait to try it and I am much more willing to buy a package with this $1 off printable :) Go here to get yours!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Free Chocolate?!!! Starting Sunday July 17th

Head on over to Walmart and print off two coupons for $1 off 1 Milka chocolate bar. These will be on sale at Walgreen's next week 2/$3. Stack these coupons with the coupon out of Walgreen's July coupon booklet ($1/2 Milka chocolate bars) and you will get two chocolate bars for free!!! Now, you will need to add a cheap filler item (perhaps grab up some school supply on sale-even if you do not have kids in school, you could always donate it and feel good about wasting those calories on that chocolate-I mean, you did a good deed, you deserve some chocolate ;)
These coupons will go fast, so be sure to print off soon!!!!

Walgreen's School Sales Starting July 17th,2011

Walgreen's has a few good deals starting July 17th!

Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils (5 pack) and Penway 10 pack pencils-19 cents each

Pocket Folders and mini highlighters-9 cents each

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kraft Shredded Cheese with Touch of Philly Coupon

Like Kraft Philadelphia on FB and you can print off a coupon for $1/2 bags of Kraft Shredded cheese with a touch of Philly! Hurry, because Im sure these will go very quick!!! Combine these with a Target qpon and you could get this cheese for next to nothing!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Didn't Get the Pantene Coupon? Contact Pantene!

Pantene North America sent out an announcement on their Facebook page letting folks know to contact them if they were unable to get a coupon earlier this week. How nice of them to do that! So, be sure to go here and read how you can still get your free bottle of Pantene :) You might have to scan down a bit through the postings in order to find it :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Free Bottle of Pantene Still Available!!

Like Pantene North America and then click on Pantene Coupon Giveaway (link will be under the picture on the left side of the page). There, you will be given instructions to get your free bottle coupon sent to you snail mail :) Pantene is giving away 100,000 of these coupons, but this has been active for a couple of days now, so I recommend heading over there and requesting yours just as fast as you can!

$2 DiGiorno printable coupon

Like DiGiorno on FB to get a $2 off coupon for their Pizza & Sides combos.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Colgate Kids Toothpaste Sample

Go here to get a free sample of kids' toothpaste from Walmart and Colgate's Building Bright Smiles.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Always Best Lawn and Pest Control

If you live in the Owasso area, and are in need of pest control, give my friend Craig a call. He is owner of Always Best Lawn and Pest Control and does a great job at getting rid of those pests who are pestering you! He also does weed control and lawn fertilizing! We were having a terrible ant invasion this year, which I usually use Terro to take care of, but this year, it wasn't working and the ants got worse and worse! They even turned my wood knife block into a home!!! So, my husband gave Craig a call and the ants were gone that same day! I would see one here and there and then, none!

He has an online special going right now, so be sure to read about that in the lower right corner of the website :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

75 cents off Printable for Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs

Like Oscar Mayer on FB and get access to a 75 cents off one package of hot dogs. You know these will come in handy for all the sales for the 4th of July coming up :) You can also combine these with Target coupons-they have one right now that is $1/2 packages.

Hills Bros Cappuccino Printable Coupons

Go here to get 55 cents off any Hills Bros Cappuccino coupons. The link for the coupon will be in the pcitures that move under the big top picture (if that really made any sense. I think I might need a cappuccino right now :) My husband's favorite is the English Toffee. He adds a scoop of the cappuccino mix to his brewed coffee. He has even tried to frozen recipe from the side of the package in the summer and loved it as well :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Old Navy Tanks $2 this Friday and Saturday

Like Old Navy and help them celebrate reaching 2 million fans!! As a thank you they are having a Tankathon Pre-Sale this Friday, June 24th. Once you have Liked them, find the post that starts with "Tom Wyatt, President of Old Navy has a shout out to our 2 million fans!" and click on the link in that post. I am not certain if you supposed to print that pdf out, but I went ahead and did it anyway, just so I won't go to the store unprepared Friday :). Also, while on the Old Navy page, click on "The Hottest Ticket" link on the left side (will be under Wall, Info, etc links). There you will find a 10% off In-Store Coupon :) I am pretty certain the two can be combined, but, once again, not planning on going unprepared-10% takes care of tax and a bit more here ;)

Btw-the tanks will be on sale for $2!! You have a limit of 10 :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Soft Scrub Coupon-$1.50 off

Sign up for the Soft Scrub Newsletter to receive a coupon for $1.50 off.

Dove Coupons

Go to Dove and sign in or register to get access to some really great coupons!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just Saw Food Pyramid Deals Using the Hiland Q-Pons

I just saw this week at FP they have a Hiland shredded cheese, cottage cheese, and sour cream on sale. Some of those q-pons I just told you about will work for these sales :) Again, these coupons are here :)

Hiland 24 oz cottage cheese-$2.29- .40 cents/1 (will double to 80 cents)= $1.49

Hiland Sour Cream- $1.50-30 cents/1 (once again, doubles to 60 cents)= 90 cents

Hiland Shredded Cheese 8 oz- $2.00- 25 cents/1 (doubles to 50 cents)= $1.50 per bag.

Fudge Pop Recipe

Target has popsicle molds in their Dollar Spot-each mold holds 8 pops. I bought 3 during my last shopping trip on Friday :) The kids were thrilled! I promised to make them some fudge pops and had originally bought pudding to make these. In searching for the recipe to use the pudding mix, I came across this recipe and decided to try it instead. Now, Im not sure if these are really that different from using just the pudding mix (will have to try the pudding next time to compare) but I must admit, these are really very tasty :) You can read through the reviews and get ideas of what other folks did while making these :) I added a bit more cocoa powder than called me (just used slightly heaping TBS). I did scant cups of sugar and will try next time to use even less as, to me, these were quite sweet. Also, the recipe says to boil until thickened-I really did not see too much thickening, so really, I think it means the mixture is not to be the consistency of hot cocoa, but a bit thicker-not like you would get with pudding :) Hope that makes sense :)

Fudge Pop Recipe

I will have to work out the cost of these one day and figure out how much it costs for this recipe as compared to pudding mix. For me, using the Target popsicle molds, I got about 19 pops-not too bad!

Hiland Coupons

Hiland always has some pretty nice coupons on their site. You will need to register if you have not done so before. Go here to get yours. Right now, the coupons available are:

  • 55¢ off any 56-oz Old Recipe Ice Cream
  • 40¢ off any 24-oz Cottage Cheese
  • 25¢ off any 8-oz Shredded Cheese
  • 30¢ off any 16-oz Sour Cream
Often, these items go on sale at Homeland or Food Pyramid where you can get double coupons and get these almost free :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Like Lysol on FB to Print off $1 coupon

GO to Lysol and like them if you have not already. Then, you can print off a $1 coupon :) This will make it less than $1 per bottle at Walmart-this is great timing as I was really needing to buy some cleaning stuff this weekend. How the heck did we run out of bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, etc...all at the same time? Maybe we should just not clean, then I wouldn't have to worry about it... :P

Reasor's is having a 12 hour sale this Saturday!!

Wasn't too impressed with the front page of the ad, but turned the page and saw Best Choice Shredded Cheese for 99 cents!! Great, great price! Stock up and throw some in the freezer-hide it from your husband so he doesn't use it all :)
Deli Turkey-$2.50/lb
Nabisco Chips Ahoy Cookies-$1.88
DaVinci Pasta-78 cents
Tony's Pizza-6/$10-which works out to $1.67 (approx.) per pizza-great deal!!

Coupons for Jello Temptations :)

Like Jello on FB and you can print off coupons for Jello Temptation Snacks and Kits.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bar-S Coupons

Go to Bar-S and click on the coupons link. It seems as though they have designed it in such a way as to get people to complete a profile. So, register yourself, then right above your Submit button, you will see a little red link that you need to click and it will go to the coupon page to print out your $1 off 2 jumbo franks (atleast mine turned out to be that coupon since I clicked the franks as being our favorite Bar-S product :) This will also sign you up for the newsletter in which they promise to share more money saving offers :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Don't Forget-Bounty $5 Printable This Morning!!!

This starts 11am est, so be ready :) Go to Bounty's FB page to learn more or to "Like" them so you will be prepared. These are going to go SUPER fast I am sure!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Taco Mayo Rewards Club

Hubby and I went to Taco Mayo today to enjoy one of their new Grilled Chicken Bacon burritoes (atleast I think that is what it was called-lol). I saw they have a rewards program you can sign up for and earn free food--FREE FOOD!!!! Yea, Baby!!! Go here to learn more and to sign up.

Quik Trip Fan Appreciation Day

Like Quik Trip on FB and click on the Offers tab to print off a coupon for a free roller item. Valid tomorrow only (6-3-11) I really wish they would bring back those burger griller thingys :) Those were yummy :)

Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet

I absolutely love getting these!! Lots of coupons for lots of products all sent to my snail mail box :) Go here to get yours!

Free Sample of Dove Go Sleeveless Deoderant

Go here to get your free sample of Dove Go Sleeveless Deoderant. You will need to register or sign in, but you will get heads up on more offers in the future :)

***I just tried signing up for this offer and I am having issues with anything coming up to request the free deoderant sample. So, if you have a problem, you can still look toward the top of the page and click on the Offers link. This will give you an opportunity to request a sample of Dove Intense Moisture Conditioner sample :) ***

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bounty Deal Coming on FB

Bounty will be giving away $5 off coupons every Friday in June. It looks as though it is the 1st 5,000 to respond each Friday, so you will really have to keep an eye out :) I could use some good paper towel coupons and stock up...hopefully I can get in on this one ;)

Command Strips Coupons

These are in pdf format, so you can print out several copies if you want :) Command strips allow you to hang things on your walls without using nails or screws which could damage the walls. Then, when you are ready to move the items, just pull off the Command strip, and no residue or damage left behind (atleast that is what they advertise :) Go here to get your coupons

Monday, May 30, 2011

Be on the look out for Budweiser Rebate Peelies

I got a heads up on this one from my husband :) Budweiser has a $10 mail in rebate out right now (peelies should be on the bud cases :). You must buy 1 18 pack or larger of Budweiser family beer (bottles or cans) and purchase 3 of the following products:
Tostitos Brand Tortilla chips, Kingsford charcoal and Oscar Mayer hot dogs.
There are coupons at Reasors for $2 off one 18 pack of Bud Lime and bag of Tostitos chips (look for these near some Tostitos displays). Plus, right now, there are coupons for the hot dogs and sales to make a great deal. Also, we saw at Lowe's there they are having a B1G1Free deal on Kingsford. We bought 2 18lb bags for less than $8 :) Just be sure to leep all your receipts!!
This offer is ONLY good in AK, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IA, ID, KS, MI, MS, MT, ND, NE, NH, NM, NV, OH, OK, OR, SC, TN, WA, WI, WY :)

Free Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

This company does this quite often and I have to tell you, this is a pretty good sauce :) You can pick up your coupon (will be sent to you) from here. Not availiable in AK, CT, DE, HI, ID, ME, MT, NH, NJ, NY, OR, PA, RI, VT, WA, WY

Right @ Home-Sign up for chance to win free box of Ziploc Baggies

Now, this is for the 1st 2500, so don't be surprised if you do not get them, but they will often send some really great coupons to those who signed up but didn't get the give away prize :) Go here to sign up!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lance Cracker Creations Printable QPon-$1 off

Lance has a new product called Cracker Creations-they look yummy! And, you can print off a $1/1 coupon from their site. Go here to get yours. You can also check their product locator to find out which store has these near you :)

ConAgra ReadySetEat Newsletter-Sign Up Today!!

ConAgra has a new newsletter you can sign up for. It is called ReadySetEat and will be filled with fast and tasty recipes. It will also give you access to some nice coupons (probably quite a few that will high value coupons :) Go here to sign up!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lean Pockets Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupon

Another FB offer :) Like Lean Pockets and print off a coupon for B1G1Free Lean Pockets. These are on sale at Target this week for $2.04. That means each Lean Pocket will be $1.02 :)

Little Debbie Cloud Cakes Coupon

Like Little Debbie on FB and print off a coupon for 75 cents off Cloud Cakes. At some Walmarts, these are as low as $1.27. There is a product locator you can click on to find out which stores near you carry these  (or any Little Debbie Snack Cake you might like ;) Scan down on their Wall and you should see a comment that says something about Product Locator :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Free Sample of Garnier Moisture Rescue Lotion from Target

You will have to answer a few questions. Go here to get yours (also, be sure to check out Target's coupon section to print off any ones you will need :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

**EDITED**Print a 50 cent/2 coupon for Totinos Pizza

Well, after printing off the coupon, it shows 50 cents off ANY flavor, variety of Totinos. I am not seeing anywhere it says off of two. So it looks like this might work for just one-an even better deal!! You can
Go here to print off your coupon for 50 cents off 2 Totinos pizzas (click on the SAVE link up top). Be sure to hit the back button on your browser so you can print off another :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Free Playtex Sport Body Wipes

Get a free sample of Playtex Sports Body Wipes. Will also come with a $1 off coupon :) Go here to get yours!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kraft Salad Dressing Coupon for 55 cents off (printable)

Go here to print off your 55 cents off coupon :)  Don't forget to hit your browser's back button to print off again :)

Maxwell House $1 off Coupon for voting

Go here to cast your vote for one of the community houses Maxwell House will be helping. For your time, they will give you a $1 off coupon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oscar Mayer Coupons on

Be sure to head on over to (or check your coupons under the coupon section on your Swagbucks account) so you can print off the new Oscar Mayer coupons before they are gone :) There is even a $1 off Lunchables with Fruit that is supposed to be a great deal this week at Walgreen's!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kraft Good Eating, Good Living Newsletter

Be sure to sign up for this newsletter. Anytime you can find a newsletter for one of your favorite companies, sign up for it. You never know when one might send out coupons or even freebies :)

Land O Frost Coupon for $1 off New LOF Wrap Kits

Go here to get your coupon for the new Land O Frost Wrap Kits. Look for the coupon link in the upper right of the website :)

Free Sample of John Frieda Smooth Start Shampoo & Conditioner

Like John Frieda on FB and request a sample of Smooth Start Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Mission Coupon

If you had issues printing or even access it, it is now on Head over there quickly as I am sure this one will go pretty fast :) Don't forget to print it twice by hitting your browser's back button (and perhaps the refresh button too :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

By Unilever, it has coupons, samples, and other great things. Be sure to check them out. Right now there is a free sample for Dove Conditioner. Making Life Better

75 cents off Mission Tortillas :)

Like Mission on FB to get a coupon for 75 cents off Mission Tortillas :) Be sure to not click on the pic that says Get Your Coupon, but scan down a bit further from that and go under the area that says "wall, photos, etc...." There you will see something like "Get Your Cinqo On Coupon"

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Like Murphy USA on FB and get coupons for gas!!

If you are not already a follower of Murphy Gas on FB, now is the time to do it if you have one of these stations in your area! You can get a coupon for a free sweet tea or a free 20 oz Dr. Pepper. Plus, you can get coupons for gas (that will come in handy right now!). The amount of the gas coupons depends on how many "likes" Murphy gets-so the more 'likes, the more we all save. So, be sure to share this with your friends!! More info when you sign up :)

Like Murphy USA on FB and get coupons for gas!!

If you are not already a follower of Murphy Gas on FB, now is the time to do it if you have one of these stations in your area! You can get a coupon for a free sweet tea aor a free 20 oz Dr. Pepper. Plus, you can get coupons for $2 off $10 gas (that will come in handy right now!).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

B1G1 Free Off! Clip On Printable Coupon

Go here to register to get a coupon for B1G1 Free Off! Clip On Repellent :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Coupons

Go here to get coupons for those cute, but yummy goldfish crackers :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Scott's EZ Seed Coupon $5 off Purchase

Go here to get your $5 off your purchase of Scott's EZ Seed. You will need to 'like' them on Facebook in order to access the coupon.

Don't Forget--New Month, New Coupons!!!

Be sure to check out all your favorite printable coupons sites because there are tons of great new coupons out there floating around in Internet Land ;) Some of my favorites are Swagbucks coupons (same as the ones on but I get points on SB when I redeem them :), Redplum, and miscellaneous manufacturer sites :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

*Today* 10 cent 32 oz fountain drinks @ Kum & Go

Kum & Go is kicking off Summer with 10 cent 32 oz fountain drinks today!! Head to your closest Kum & Go to get this deal. They are also kicking off a contest, so be sure to head on over here to learn more about it :)

Nestle Coupons on FB

Like Nestle on Facebook and you will have access to several coupons to print off :) You could use these to start a stock pile in your pantry for the Holidays (check expiration dates on things though :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

HAve You Heard ABout Coupon Network?

How did I miss this valuable resource? In case others out there have not heard about it, you can get valuable coupons from this site :) Coupon Network has many coupons, some found on other sites and some new ones (like $1.10 off Tidy Cat cat litter-good deal!).  You will need to register, but it is fast and easy, and best of all, free :)

Coupons for Nivea lotion, lip care, and shower soap

Like Nivea on FB and you can access coupons for Nivea lotion, lip care and shower soap :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Free Sample of Folgers Special Roast Coffee

Like Folgers on Facebook and head over to the Free Samples page (look for it on the left side-you may have to click the little blue 'more' link to see it). Sign up to get a free sample of Folgers Special Roast Coffee :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Real taste, uninterrupted

Learn why Breve Creme coffee creamer adds nothing but taste – not aftertaste – to your morning cup of coffee. You’ll find all the details here.

Dial Nutriskin Coupon-will make a good deal at Walmart

Like Dial Nutriskin on Facebook and register to get a coupon for $1 off Nutriskin. This could get you Nutriskin for under a dollar at your Walmart :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Free Tree at Lowes This Morning

Be sure to head out early for this one. Lowes is giving away over a million trees to customers today in honor of Earth Day :) Not certain what sort of tree it might be, but to help our wonderful planet, does it matter? :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Bunny In Owasso Today :)

If you live in or near Owasso, the Easter Bunny will be at Family video on 86th St N from 4-8pm today :) Come see him and enjoy a moon bounce, Easter Egg hunt, food and prizes :)

10 cent drinks at Kum and Go May 1st

My husband 1st told me about this the other day-yes, he helps me out with my blog every once in awhile ;) But, my daughter posted it on her teen money-saving blog Going As I Learn Kum and Go is having a kick off to summer with 10 cent fountain drinks all day May 1st! They are also starting a contest, so head on over to Going As I Learn to get the link to find out more :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Snuggle $1 off Printable

Like Snuggle on FB to get a $1 off coupon. This will make the smaller sized box less than $1 at Walmart :) I do not usually use fabric softener in the warmer months, but I plan to be well stocked up for the Winter months :)

Join The Brew Crew from Coffee-mate

Join the Brew Crew from Coffee-mate to have access to sneak peaks of promotions and products for Coffee-mate.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wow!! Don't Miss $1.50 off Printable for Lysol Wipes!!

"Like" Lysol on FB to print off a coupon for $1.50 off Lysol wipes. This will really come in handy with a sale!!

How to Boil An Egg

For some reason, even though I make them all year long, when Easter comes, I always forget how to boil the eggs-lol!!! Deal Wise Mommy Shared a great link this morning with a great way to boil eggs. Also, it has ideas for cloring in case you are looking for different ideas or want to save money on buying dye :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

$1 off Great Day Eggs (I have seen these at Walmart)

"Like" Great Day All Natural Eggs on FB and print off the $1 off 2 dozen eggs :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

French's Money Saving Coupons

Get printable coupon from French's when you join their site.

Join Marshmallow Peeps And Get Printable Coupon

This coupon will come in handy this week at Walgreen's :) Join The Peeps Fan Club to access your coupon. Once you have joined (or signed in if you are already registered with this site) you can go to the home page and click on the coupon link :) Coupon good for $1 off 2 Chocolate Peeps-yummy!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

$1 off 2 Chocolate Peeps is back!!!

"Like" Peeps on Facebook to get these coupons! This one was available a couple weeks ago but it back up again. So, if you missed out, be sure to grab it this time :)

Pup-Peroni Printable Coupons

Go here to sign up to receive some Pupperoni coupons to save money on those treats for your pups :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tidy Cat $1 off kitty litter printable coupon

Tidy Cat has coupons for $1 off a bag of kitty litter. I usually buy the 10 lb bag at Walmart for $1.77 and when I have these coupons, it makes each bag less than $1!! Look for the coupon link toward the bottom right side of the page-you will have to register, but it is worth it.

A New Give Away!! *Be Sure to Not Miss This One*

I have two coupons for a free bottle of Purex Complete with Zout detergent. Purex Complete is detergent that is for use in all machines-both top and front loaders.

I did a review on this detergent a couple of weeks ago, but after using it a bit longer, I must admit I am still amazed at some of the things this laundry soap is getting out of my kids clothes! There was some grease on one of my daughter's jackets, I put some Purex Complete on the grease, barely scrubbed with my fingertips and I could literally see the grease dissolving before my eyes. My husband worked on a car one evening-in a pair of his good shorts, no less, and had dirt/grease from top to bottom!! No kidding!! I used the Purex Complete to pre-treat the grime and his shorts came out with not one stain! I was very pleased :)

So, if you are interested in a chance at winning one of these coupons for a Free Bottle Of Purex Complete with Zout, leave a comment below. I will pick two people using Randomizer this Friday, April 15th, at 9am cst.

Free Fridge Magnet from Florida Juice

GO here to request your Meaningful Morning Checklist magnet. I really believe you can never, ever have too many fridge magnets when you have kids!!

Join Green Cleaners to Get a Free Sample of Simple Green

Join the Green Cleaners Newsletter list and you will get a free 6 oz sample of Simple Green :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Print Coupons for Finish Dishwash Detergent

I know I send these quite often, but these are often found right now for a great price at Target or Walmart (or on sale at Walgreen's periodically). Last time I was at Walmart, the Quantum Power Ball were priced at $2.97. So, go here to print off coupons to help you save even more!! Has some Libby's Veggie and Fruit Coupons has some Libby's canned fruit and veggie coupons under zip code 84301. $1 off 4 cans of Libbys veggies and $1 off 2 cans/jars (24 oz and up) fruit. Be sure to print yours off. Food Pyramid often has good sales for the veggies (should be coming up pretty soon :)

Oscar Mayer Select Hot Dog Coupon

Go here to print off a coupon for Oscar Mayer Select Hot Dogs-$1 off one-this should make a package of these at Walmart under $1, or save it for a good sale :) Use zip code 20910 to find this coupon :)

$1 off 2 20 oz Coke Products Printable Coupon

Click here to get a coupon for $1 off 2 20 oz Coke Products. This includes Dasani :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

High Value Pedigree Dog Food Coupon

Pedigree has a high value coupon up for grabs. Save $5 off a bag of Pedigree. Looks like this one is for Kroger shoppers only :) Click on Fetch Coupon

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kraft Printable Coupons for Publix

Go here to get your Kraft printable coupons. These seem to be only for Publix stores, but if you have one in your area, you are in luck :) There are tons of coupons here so be sure to check it out!

Coupons for V-8 Fusion

Campbell's Kitchen has some coupons for V-8 Fusion-yummy! And they taste even better when you save money on them with a coupon ;)
V-8 Fusion Tea Coupon
V-8 Fusion Juice Coupon

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Heinz Vinegar Coupon-should be some good sales coming soon for this one!

Go here to get your printable coupon for Heinz Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar-50 cents off printable

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Checking Manufacturer's Sites for Coupons

It really can pay off to check your favorite manufacturer's sites for coupons they may offer. I just checked Benefiber's site and they offer a couple great coupons. Yesterday, I looked at Finish's site and found several great coupons for dishwash detergent :) You may not always see coupons readily out there for products that you might use alot in your personal household, but it never hurts to look online, or even call the manufacturer by using the phone numbers that many companies put on their packaging :) They will often send you a coupon or two in return for your comments. I did that recently with our favorite frozen pizza company. Should be getting some coupons in the mail soon :)
So, Im sure many of you have heard of these ideas before, but, if you are like me, it is something you often forget about :) So, start thinking about some of those products you use and would love to save money on! Check out the websites for those products, or look for a Customer Service number and give them a call!

$2 off Silk Milk Printable-Silk 10 Day Challenge

Take a survey to access this deal. If you do not feel like taking the survey, you can still access the 75 cent off coupon. You will need to register if you have not already done so before. This is a high value coupon and will go fast! Go here to get your coupon today! Look up top of the page for the link that says Get Coupon.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Coupon for Chocolate Covered Peeps $1 off any 2

Get your coupon for $1 off any 2 Chocolate covered Peeps :) Like them on Facebook and click the link to get your coupons :) And, once again, do not forget to hit the back button on your browser to print your second coupon :)

Finish Challenge

If you don't see the difference, it's free!!
We are committed to providing quality products to our consumers.

If you purchased FINISH® QUANTUM® and did not see a difference*, we’ll give your money back.

Go here to find out more :) 
And scan down that page to link to the coupon page for printable coupons!!

Tide Challenge And Free Samples

Try It, Review It, And be in it to win :) That is the Tide Challenge! Like them on Facebook to get your free samples and to enter the Challenge!

Target-Free Reusable Shopping Bags-April 17th!

On April 17th, Target is celelbrating Earth Day by giving away free Reusable bags to it's customers. This is a freebie with a purchase, so if you plan to do shopping that week, do it on April 17th :) This is for the first 1,000,000 guests : ) One per customer! Get there early!!

Target-Free Reusable Shopping Bags-April 17th!

On April 17th, Target is celelbrating Earth Day by giving away free Reusable bags to it's customers. This is a freebie with a purchase, so if you plan to do shopping that week, do it on April 17th :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

IM Back!!

Hi Everyone! We were on vacation, visiting family in CA for a little over a week. I am sorry for being absent from the blog, I thought I might be able to get on once or twice while we were gone, but we were having way to much fun :) I will be getting back to the bargains, deals, and freebies very soon, so be ready!! Today, I will be unpacking, washing clothes and trying to rest from the long drive (yes, we drove from OK to CA and back : ) Have a blessed day and be ready for those deals!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Get a $1 off Triscuit Crackers and Free Seeds

"Like" Triscuit on Facebook and you can print off a $1 coupon. Also, keep an eye out for specially marked boxes that contain a free seed packet. Part of the Home Farming Movement :) Love me some free seeds!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

$1 off 1 Box Of Mini-Wheats Touch of Fruit

Go here to print off a $1 of 1 box for the new Mini-Wheats Touch of Fruit cereal :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Get Some P&G Coupons in Your Mailbox

Several great coupons for P&G products. You will need to sign in or register, all free :) Click on the Have You Tried This link and it will take you to a new page where you can request some coupons that will come in the mail :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet

There are several new links out there. Here is one of them. Be sure to get yours before they are gone :)

Purex Complete With Zout

I want to review the new Purex Complete with Zout for you guys today :) I am part of the Purex Insiders Club and received some of this laundry detergent and pre-treater in one to try out. I must say, I am impressed! Just to see what it could do, I put some clothes that were stained in the wash. I didn't even pre-treat-just added the detergent as usual. Now, these were kids' play clothes, so they have been washed, dried, worn, and begin again-lol! I must admit I was surprised that some of the stains came out without any pre-treating! Then, I washed a pair of jeans my husbands wears when he works on cars. I did scrub some of the Purex Complete with Zout onto the stains. While not all the grease came out, some amazingly did! I plan to try pre-treating and letting the jeans set before I throw them in the wash next time to see what this detergent does :)
So, to sum it all up, I was pleasantly surprised with the Purex Complete with Zout and will continue to use it!

Purex Complete with Zout comes in two scents (or unscented :)-Fresh Morning Burst and Free & Clear.

It fights stains using three powerful enzymes that target a different type of stain.

Be on the look out for a Free Bottle Coupon Give-Away from me.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Free Sample of Purex Complete With Zout

I am going to be doing a review of this product sometime this week, but for now, you can get a free smaple of Purex Complete with Zout from here. Soon, I will also be giving away some coupons for a free bottle! So, stay tuned folks!!

Old Orchard $1off 4 Printable Coupon

I love coupons from Old Orchard! With a good sale at usually Reasor's, I can get these for less than I purchase juice at Aldi! Go here to get your coupon :) You must register, but it is free :)

Old Orchard B1G1F Printable Coupon

I love coupons from Old Orchard! With a good sale at usually Reasor's, I can get these for less than I purchase juice at Aldi! Go here to get your coupon :) You must register, but it is free :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't forget to check out all the coupons on (or if you are on Swagbucks, look in their coupon section-powered by and print off coupons that give you SwagBucks when you redeem them :)

Some I am seeing in the 74055 zip code are
$1 off 5 Totinos pizza
$1 off any Kashi Soft Baked Cereal Bar
And many, many more :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Land O Moms $1 off Any Land O Frost Item Printable

I love these coupons with a good sale! We go through lots of lunch meat here, so it can help to save money! Go here to get yours!

$5 off $25 at Old Navy

Go here to print your coupon! It will bring up a pdf file that you can print the coupon from. Im still waiting for them to put shorts on sale...I need some shorts!! Might have to settle for just getting them with this coupon :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Free Box of John Freida Hair Colour

Get a coupon for a free box of John Freida Hair Colour. This will be mailed to you in about 8 weeks :) I do believe you are to do the survey. It only takes a couple of minutes, so it can't hurt-especially if you get a free box of hair color ;)

Target Coupons-several for babies!

Target has several coupons for baby items-diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, etc...Many are high value coupons. Of course, there are coupons for many other items like $1 off Hanes, Windex, etc... Be sure to check them all out and print!!!

Save 30% at Old Navy, Gap, etc.. and Help JDRF

Save money while you help Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Shop at Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and other stores and use this printable coupon to save 30%. Coupon good March 17th-20. 5% of all you spend goes to JDRF :) Thanks to a friend for passing this along!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Muir Glen $1 off Coupon

If you join the Club, you can get a $1 off coupon for any Muir Glen product. This can get your free products at Walmart, or almost free :) Go here to sign up.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Home Made Simple Coupon booklet

I just love these. I even just shared some of these coupons with my neighbor the other day. If you want one, go here to get yours. Free and simple sign up!

Monday, February 28, 2011

**Don't Forget to Enter the Give Away** Free Purex Complete Crystals

This ends at 8 am CST tomorrow, March 1st, so be sure to enter for one of 3 coupons for Purex Complete Crystals Softener. This coupon is for a 28 oz bottle, so don't miss out :) Leave a comment on the original post-go here to find it and to read a bit more about this softener :) Once again, follow the link to comment on the original post and to read more about this give away. If you comment here, I won't be able to add you into Randomizer to give you a chance at one of the coupons.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

**GIVEAWAY**-Coupons for Purex Complete Crystals Softener

I have three coupons for a free 28 oz bottle of Purex Complete Crystals Softener. I am giving these away, so if you are interested in them, leave me a comment below and I will use Randomizer to pick the winners! The contest will end March 1 at 8 am CST. I will contact the winners via email, so be sure you do not post an anonymous comment below or I won't know who ya are and I won't be able to send ya a free coupon if ya are the winner! :)

                        Here is more info on the Purex Complete Crystals Softener. Works great and smells great! Perfect for all your laundry softening needs!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Taking a Long Trip-What Can you Not Do Without?

We are planning a long trip next month. Driving in a car with 5 kids over 1,000 miles. I have been getting myself prepared for this trip for months now-lol! Im excited, but nervous. Five kids and two adults from OK to CA, straight through, is going to be one heck of a journey!

So, in order to prepare, I started making somewhat of a menu plan. What can we eat without hitting every fast food place from hither to yonder? What snacks will be good, so we won't be buying junky stuff while we stop to get gas. What can I make sure if packed as far as drinks so we are not just shoving nasty soda down our throats?

I was able to get quite a few ideas. Before we leave out, I will heat up some breakfast burritoes-already made and sitting in the freezer. I have lunches planned and we will try to eat out only for dinner. Snacks are going to include raisins, apples, little lunch packs of fruit, string cheese, crackers, and I even plan to make my own snack mix.

But, beyond food, I had to think about entertainment. We got a dvd player for the kids. In our Suburban, the kids who have to sit in the very back seat get the opportunity to watch dvds :) I purchased card games at good prices for the kids to play-Mad Gab, Whack A Mole, and a couple others. I also have made travel journals for each child-used pocket folders with tabs and printed off coloring pages, information pages about states, and some puzzle pages -like crosswords, word searches, etc. I also put some notebook paper in each journal so the kids could write about things they saw on the trip. And, I will place blank paper for drawing as well. I purchased stickers, and some other things that were on clearance after Valentine's Day. I plan to package these up in bags to hand out along the way. In each bag will there will also be one of the above snacks so perhaps when any frustrating arguing starts, this will break up the monotony and allow the kids (and the parents) a little peace :)

When you are planning a trip, what sort of things are you sure to bring? How do you try to keep things frugal? What can you not do without? Feel free to share. Im still making sure I have all sorts of ideas, making sure I don't run into something I wish I would have brought, but didn't, and wanting to make this trip the best one ever!

$2 off Dog or Puppy Chow by Purina

This is a terrific coupon! You can often find this on sale and get it for less than most store brand dog foods or off brands of dog food. Go here to get yours :)  You will be asked to sign in or register if you do not have an account yet :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Malt O Meal Coupons

I love Malt O Meal cereals with my big crew! It tastes as good as the name brands I think but the cost is so much less than the name brands (unless you have a good sale with coupons :) For some "MOM" coupons to help you save even more, go here.

Hidden Valley Ranch Coupon

$1 off Hidden Valley Ranch just for doing a quick survey. I don't mind having to work a bit for a good coupon ;)  If you are not already registered with them, you will need to do so, then do the survey.
Go here to learn more!

Kellogg's Coupons

Some good Kellogg's coupons to print off here. You will have to sign in, or register, but it is free :) Some offers are :
$1 off Kellogg's Frosted Flakes
$1 off Mini Wheats Touch of Fruit in the Middle
$1 off Smart Start
70 cents off  Pop Tarts Mini Crisps

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just Keep Moving From Tylenol

Tylenol has started a program to help keep folks going-walking, exercising, whatever :) You can sign up and get a free booklet with ideas to help keep you motivated, different dieting ideas, helpful tips and guided workouts. Plus, you receive a free gift to help keep you moving (thinking it might be a pedometer, but not positive :)

Blue Bell Ice Cream Coupon

$1 off one half gallon of Blue Bell ice cream. These go on sale quite often at Reasor's. Don't forget to hit your back button so you can print off 2 :) You will have to sign in, or register with the site if you have never been on it before-free and easy :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Folger's Coupon-$1.50/1

Head on over to and print off this high value coupon for Folgers. Use zip code  02356 to find this particular coupon :)

Free Bottle Of Country Bob's Sauce

This is one of those coupons you will get in your snail mail :) I received one of these last year I think and I do really like this sauce! Plus, it was free, so, well, there ya go ;) Go here to get your free bottle!

Free Bottle Of Country Bob's Sauce

This is one of those coupons you will get in your snail mail :) I received one of these last year I think and I do really like this sauce! Plus, it was free, so, well, there ya go ;) Go here to get your free bottle!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Free Sample of Matrix Biolage Creme Masque

Go here to get your free sample of  hydrathérapie Aqua Immersion Créme Masque  . Be sure to sy you saw it on Facebook :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Target COupons-$5 off denim printable coupon

Go to Target's site and scan down to the coupons. They have a hot printable for $5 off any women's denim-shorts, jeans, or capri's.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kraft Coupons :) **Edited**

**Edited** I cannot believe I forgot to include a link-sorry about that!

Print them before they are gone!! I had to find them under a different zip code. Took me two days to figure that out-lol! I used zip code 30362 so try yours first and if you do not see them, try that one :) If you see the Maxwell House for $1 off coupon, then you have the Kraft Coupons :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ocean Spray Free Samples

"Like" Ocean Spray on FB and be ready for when they start sharing some free samples of their new bubbly juice!

Playtex Sample

Head on over to All You's Free Sample page to get a free sample of Playtex Sports Tampons.

Quik Trip Offer-get your coupon today for tomorrow.

Don't forget you can get a free hot drink from QT tomorrow. Go here to "Like" if you haven't already and then hit the offers tab to print off your coupon :) Remember, you cannot use it until tomorrow, Valentine's Day :) 

A Momma Brag :)

My oldest loves blogging, but just couldn't find the right niche. I finally suggested a money saving blog for teens. So, amazingly, she thought that was a great idea :) So, if you have a teen, perhaps a child in college, or you, yourself are a teen/in college, you might want to check out her blog. She just started, so be patient and keep checking back often as she plans to post more deals as she goes along. Deals in clothes, make up, coupons, fast food, movie name it, if it mkes a teen happy, she will post :)
Going As I Learn

Finish Dishwashing Soap Coupons

Right now, Target has a great deal on Finish Diswashing tabs. I keep hearing they are around $2.25-$2.50. If you are like me and you already used that great $2.25 off coupon they put out last month in the Sunday paper, you can still save some by heading over here. You will need to register, but you can find coupons for $3 off  Finish Quantumatic, $1 off Finish Quantum, and other coupons :) 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dove Coupon for

You can find this body soap for really good prices right now-sometimes as low as $1.99 and with this $1.25 coupon, you can get a great deal!! Don't forget to print off two! Go here to get the coupon.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Quik Trip going to share offer on Valentine's Day

"Like" Quik Trip on FB and be ready for an announcement on Valentine's Day-they said it would be 'hot and steamy'...hoping it's a free coffee or hot cocoa and not something weird like a romance novel or anything ;) 

Yoplait Coupons to Print

Check out all these Yoplait coupons you can print! Stock up on some yogurt!

New Kellogg's Printables

Some great ones up right now-Go here to get yours!

Soft Scrub $1.50 off printable coupon

Bummer, this coupon is gone now, but you can still "Like" Soft Scrub if you want to keep up with future offers :)
"Like" Soft Scrub on FB and get access to a $1.50 coupon :)

Pepperidge Farm Coupons

Go here to access Pepperidge Farm coupons. I know I saw the PF Milano cookies for $2.50 at Walmart the other day (yea, you can tell what I was looking for-lol). With the $1 off any PF cookies, you can get these for $1.50 :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cereal Central-Malt-O-Meal info and coupons

Join Cereal Central from Malt-O-Meal to get info on products and some money saving coupons.

$2/2 American Greeting Cards-FB

"Like" American Greetings on FB and you can print off a coupon for $2/2 American Greeting cards. I know Target has these and I am sure you can find some that will make this coupon give you a free or almost free deal :) 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Free FitMe by Maybelline from Walmart

Last time, this freebie of FitMe foundation by Maybelline was offered by Target. This time, it is from Walmart, so you can get it again!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chef Boyardee Free Product Coupon-**HURRY**

This is from Walmart-get a coupon for a free Chef Boyardee product. Hurry as this is open to the 1st 50,000!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

P&G Facebook Offer-COupon Book with over $110 in Savings!!

Go "Like" P&G if you haven't already and click on Special Offer. It will bring up a page where you can click to go to another page and get your booklet of coupons! YAY!! HURRY!!!!

Walmart-Clearance Time for Winter Clothes

Be sure to check your local Walmart for good deals on winter clothes. I ws able to find 2 nice fleece pullovers for my sons yesterday-50% off. One son's was $6 and he bought that himself. The youngest son bought his as well (I love it when they cna buy their own things and they actually will buy clothes-lol). His was only $2.50 :) Both got a size bigger. They still fit now, but have lotsa growin' room :) Also, you can check out some clearance online-Walmart

Saturday, February 5, 2011

P&G Everyday Solutions-Like on FB

P&G Everyday Solutions has some special offers and samples. They are going to have a big special announcement on Monday too :) Wonder what it is? Hmmm... Like so you you don't miss out!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Free Creamer!! Free Flavor Friday from Coffee-Mate

It's finally here! Head on over to the Coffee-Mate page and keep an eye out so you can get your free creamer!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

If you are in Tulsa Area, call before heading to your local Walmart!!

My husband, who works for a beverage company, just heard that 3 Walmarts are having to close down because roofs are buckling from snow!! So, before you waste a trip, call to be certain yours is still open!

Don't Forget-Tomorrow Feb 4th! Free Creamer!!

Don't forget about the free creamer from CoffeeMate tomorrow morning! Be sure to Like them on FB so you don't miss out :) 

Mission Tortilla Coupon-$1 Off

Wow! This is a great coupon-these are right around $1 at most stores in my area anyway, so that can mean free or almost free packs of tortillas!! Go here to print yours and don't forget to bit that back button :) 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Goddess-Worthy Announcement from Gillette Venus

Go here to be ready to hear what the announcement might be. Could be a great coupon or maybe even a free razor. The announcement will be at 11 am today :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Be Sure to Chack

There are some really good coupons on today-new month, new coupons :) One really good one I saw was 75 cents off any Muir Glen product. You can also get these same coupons from Swagbucks and earn points everytime you redeem them :)

Monday, January 31, 2011

Pure Love For Pets-Purina Coupons

I am not sure if any of you saw this in your Red Plum Coupon section yesterday. PureLoveForPets has coupons, tips for your furry children, and even e-cards (now, Im not sure these would be for your furry kids, but perhaps you could send them to family and friends who have furry kids too :) Right now there are over $19 in coupons. Check them out!

Keebler Coupons-Combine with Target QPons for Good Deal!

Target has Keebler cookies on sale this week for $1.99. Combine the Target printable for $1/2 Keebler cookies and this $1/2 from SnackPicks (must register or sign in). Price will be 99 cents for each package of cookies.

**Feb 4th-Don't Forget!! Free CoffeeMate**

Don't forget this Friday, you can get a free flavor of CoffeeMate Creamer! Be sure to 'like' CoffeeMate on FB so you can get yours :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Free Sample of Maybelline from Target!

Go here to get a free sample of Maybelline FitMe from Target.

French's Printable Coupons

Go here to print off some coupons for French's products.

Free Sample Of Oxy Clinical Acne Solution

This stuff has worked really well for my teens. We have tried many different things, but when another sample of this came out last year, we tried it. It has done the best so far over any other over the product we have tried (even the ProActive type stuff...that would work for a while and then the acne came back even worse). Everyone is different, but the nice thing about freebies is you get a chance to try them out before spending any money :)
Go here to get your free sample of Oxy Clinical Acne Solution. You will get sample of Oxy Clinical Clearing Treatment, Oxy Clinical Hydrating Therapy, and Oxy Clinical Advanced Face Wash.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Don't Forget to Print Those Coupons!!

We are nearing the end of the month. Be sure to check your favorite coupon sites to get those coupons you will use! New coupons will start on Tuesday :) Also, it's a good time to go through all those coupons you have printed or clipped and get rid of the expired ones. In with the new, out with the old :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bath & Body Works Free Candle This Weekend

"Like" Bath & Body Works and print off a coupon for a free candle this weekend only. This is a preview of a new 1.6 oz candle. No purchase is necessary.

$1 off Tidy Cat Litter Printable

This can make for a great deal at Walmart. Print off the $1 coupon and use it at Walmart where a small 10 lb bag is $1.77 (atleast at my Owasso WM), making that small bag 77 cents! It's crazy how much litter has gone up the past couple of years...or is that just my imagination?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

*Hurry* Free Sample of Seventh Generation Dish Soap

Get your free sample of 7th Generation Dish Soap. This will go rather quickly, so you want to hurry on this freebie!! Go here to get yours :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Free Pack of Freezer Baggies from Right@Home

HURRY!!! This will not last long at all--only open to 1st 2,500 people to respond. Free 15 pack of freezer baggies.

Land O' Frost Coupons

Go here to print off a Land O'Frost lunch meat coupon. $1 off any 1 package of Land O'Frost Premium--this is about $3.99 in my Walmart-sometimes as low as $2.99. Be sure to hit your browswer's back button to print off a second coupon (Yes, I know I have said this several times, just want to make sure everyone knows ;)

Pillsbury Coupons

Don't forget to print these before they are gone (end of the month coming and all :) You might find some really good deals with these coupons and store sales with the Super Bowl coming up. Go here to print yours!

Printable Coupons for Glade Products

Save on Glade Products. Right now, you can sometimes still find some clearanced down from Christmas. I found some of the Glade candles for 74 cents at my Owasso Target. Really wishing I would have had the $1 off 2 coupon :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

B1G1 Free Nestle Nesquik 16 oz Flavored Millk

Once again, another FB deal :) Getting tired of these yet? Hope not! "Like" Nesquik and get your coupon for B1G1 Free Nesquik milk (16 oz container) Yummy! Im not sure I will share this with the kids...hmmm-gonna have to think about that ;)