Friday, November 27, 2009

Good meat sale at Food Pyramid

Food Pyramid's new sale starts this week. This weekend, they are having 20% off all their meat-fresh meat, frozen, lunch meat, hot dogs, etc...Check out the front page of the Tulsa area ad here.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and a deal for homeschoolers!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your day is full of wonderful blessing with family and friends! I have felt blessed this year to be able to share the deals I have found, as well as sharing any little money saving ideas I have or come across. I truly hoped they have blessed you in your frugal jouneys :)

If you homeschool, or perhaps, you like to do extra things with your kids when they are home from school, Currclick has a deal for you! Starting November 27, at 10 am CST, you can sign on to Currclick and pick from several free educational resources. Currclick is a wonderful resource all year long too. Each week they send out a free educational resource, but they also have many wonderful items at great prices! This Black Friday sale lasts into November 28th, until 10 am CST.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Have you purchased your turkey yet????

I have...and I am wishing I would have waited. My husband called me this morning to let me know Food Pyramid has turkeys on sale for 32 cents/lb!!! Arghhhh!!!! That is more than double what I purchased mine at. I spent 89 cents/lb at Reasor's.

Have you purchased your turkey yet

Friday, November 20, 2009

Save Money With Cambell's- $15 worth of great coupons

Visit Cambell's Kitchen and print off some great coupons to use now to help save on your Thanksgiving dinner or to use later on :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Great Walgreen's Deal Coming Up for Coffee Drinkers

Thanks to Couponing To Disney for the heads up on this deal :) Next week, CoffeeMate will be B1G1 for $2.49. Use 2 $1 off coupons from CoffeeMate and your total for two bottles of creamer will be about 50 cents or each bottle about 25 cents :) You could make a nice little gift basket with some coffee, coffee mugs, and a bottle of this creamer to give to a friend as an early Christmas gift ;)

Do you need help with cooking your turkey? Not sure how long it takes to defrost that big ol' bird? Wondering if you should buy fresh or frozen or perhaps smoked? How about how bigga bird will you need for you and your guests? Well, can help you out! Even recipes. It has a calculator for figuring out how big of a bird you might need and even how much stuffing. And...the best thing...a coupon for $2 off a Butterball turkey-so if you ahve not bought yours yet, check them out!! Plus, if you are cooking on Thanksgiving Day and can't remember how long to cook that bird, what the temp should be, or whatever disaster you might come up with-you can get on their website and get help-or, of course, call the hotline which is posted on the site as well!! Have a great Turkey Day!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Don't Forget Your Free Samples From Walmart

I often forget about these, but sometimes there are some really nice samples :) Right now there are Tampax Pearl, Pampers Extra Protection, and Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew for the eyes. Go here to get your samples.

Santa is Coming to Walmart-Yippee!!

Santa will be coming to Walmart November 28th & 29th and December 5th & 6th! Go here to check if he will be visiting your local Walmart :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reasor's and Food Pyramid Sales and Coupon Match Ups 11/11

Here are some deals I found for this weeks sales at Reasor's and Food Pyramid:

Best Choice Sugar-4lbs-2/$3

Gold Medal Flour $1.67-.50 off printable=$1.17

Hamburger Helper $10/10 ($1 ea)-.75/3 printable=$2.25/3 or 75 cents each :)

Tony's Pizza $10/6 (about $1.67 each)-$1/2  (10/4 SS) or  printable=$2.34/2 ($1.17 ea)

Argo $1.29-.40 cents off (10/4 or 11/8 SS) =.89 cents

Fleischmann's Yeast $10/10 -3 pack strips-.40 cents off (10/4 or 11/8 SS)=.60 cents per strip

Karo $4/2-.40 cents off (10/4 or 11/8 SS)=$1.60
Hiland Cottage Cheese $3/2 ($1.50 ea)-.55 cents off (9/13 SS)=.95 cents each

Healthy Choice Frozen Meals $4/2 -$2 printable = free-yay baby!!

Buddig Lunch Meat 8-10 oz containers -$4/2 -$1 printable =$1 good deal :)

In ad coupon for free cake mix when you buy one container of Hellman's mayonaisse

Coffee Mate Liquid 3/$5 -$1 printable =.59

Food Pyramid-
Old Orchard Apple Juice frozen concentrate-99 cents each

20 % off all cereals

Tony’s Microwave Pizza or Pouches 9oz. 10 for $10-$1/2 (10/4 SS) = $1/2

Monday, November 9, 2009

Home Depot LED Light Deal

Home Depot has a great deal happening right now through Nov. 15th. Bring in your old lights-up to 5 sets- and get a $3 voucher for led lights. You can trade in up to 5 sets per customer. I am thinking early Christmas present for my hubby who has been wanting some of these to hang outside :) Thanks to Sisterly Savings for the heads up!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Make Your Own Sandwich Bags!!

Aren't these the cutest?! A friend of mine brought hers to a homeschool meeting and I fell in love. Her sister makes these for her and I asked if she could share how she makes them. Here is the link to the wonderful blogger who makes these great bags-she has different variations and you can easily follow her directions. My friend's sister said once you make one, you don't really need the directions again to make others, it is that simple. She was not kidding! Im not a very accomplished seamstress, but I was able to make these. The hardest thing was getting the two pieces of ribbon in the casing, but you could easily make two rows of casing and do it that way. I have used ribbon and cording, and find either way works very well :)

The really great thing about these is you can use that fabric you have sitting around that is so cute but really not enough to make much of anything with :) You can make these in all different sizes. I even made one to hold some cute small gifts and a gift card my oldest gave to a friend for her birthday. You could make these to hold personal care items in your purse, or daughter's purse. My friend's sister even makes them for birthday party goody bags! I plan to make more for Christmas to hold small gifts, stocking stuffers, whatever. They can be used for Christmas again next year, or the kids can use them to hold their lunches. They wash well-I just pull the inside out a bit and have no problems. Now, if it was a really messy sandwich, I might wrap it in something before hand. And, there are things you can get at your local sewing store or craft store that is plastic-y and you could use that as a liner as well :) Go have fun!!! If you make these, let me know what you used them for-I would love to hear about it!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Apple Unit Study

I promised that I would post about the apple unit study we did last month. I had actually wanted to finish up the unit in the beginning of October, and do a Pumpkin unit toward the end of October, but, well, time got away from me. Where did October go?!

I was unable to find books at our library. I am thinking many teachers and probably homeschoolers like us had the same idea going on :) I did find a couple books, and of course, some books I requested came in after we were done. Next time, I will be sure to plan ahead :)

Here are pictures of the lapbook we made:

The Front-I wanted to put a picture of an apple or something on the front, but my two kids doing this wanted to keep it the way it was :)

The inside of the folder. The larger papers (the small apple tree math page and the parts of a flower page) fold back.

Here you can see parts of the left side of the folder under the large page. We made an apple booklet which, when opened, has labeled parts of the inside of an apple. The Johnny Appleseed's Travel booklet opens to a map which we colored in states where Johnny traveled. The Did You Know? Match books have a couple aplle facts written inside.

This is the right side of the file folder. We have two charts we made-one showing different apples we tasted and if they were sweet, crunchy, soft, etc in texture. The other shows which of those apples we liked the best and the least.

And here are the two sides together with the larger pages flipped up :)

Here are some links I used to gather info and ideas for our Apple Unit Study:

Apple Theme Activities
Apple Themes
Apple A Day
Vermont Apples
Teaching Heart Apple Unit
Apple Printables
Free Johnny Appleseed Lapbook
Kinder Printables Index of Apples