Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fireworks Coupons

I am not sure if this is Nationwide, but for those here in the Tulsa area, you can get coupons for fireworks from Jakes Fireworks. Sign up for their VIP club and they will send you printable coupons in your email every day, I guess until the 4th of July :) There were some good deals!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Goal Setting Sunday

I did not at all exercise this week! It was too hot! The air seemed to run non-stop during the day :( So, I skipped it! It is cooler today-down in the 80's from the 100's- and this week is to be in the 90's. So, I plan to get myself back into action :)

I did get my walls swept of any cobwebs. It was nice to not pass an area that had a little web-like thing floating as I went by :)

Im not certain what goals I will have this week. Maybe it will be a week off, just doing regular chores and seeing what special things I can tackle next week (though, knowing me, I will just take the time and tackle atleast one or two when I find them :)

Have a great week everyone and have a safe 4th of July weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reasor and Food Pyramid Deals This Week

I am not too certain about posting any coupon match ups this week. I do know that Reasor's has some items on sale and there were coupons for some of those in this last Sunday paper. But, alas, I did not get a Sunday paper this week--I know, just awful, huh? But, if you did, you might check out the sales at Reasor's before you head out and make sure you have some of those coupons to go along with the sales :)

Kraft Cheese Singles-$1.44
Eckrich Smoked Meat Sausage-2/$3-.55 cents off 1 (esp. 6/30 and I cannot find the coupon section it was in) or $1 off 2 (SS 5/17)=.95 each or $2 for 2
VanCamp's Pork n Beans-32 cents
On the Vine Cluster Tomatoes-89 cents/lb
Kraft or Seven Seas Dressing-3/$5
Oscar Mayer Meat Franks-4/$5
Oscar Mayer Beef Franks-2/$5
Wishbone Spritzer or Salad Dressing-3/$5-$1.25 off 2 or $1.00 off one Spritzer (RP 5/17)= $2.07 each using the 'off 2' coupon or .66 each using the Spritzer coupon

Food Pyramid

Prairie Farms milk -2/$5
Rodeo or Hunter hot dogs -2/$1
Hiland Cottage Cheese-$1.79-.55 (SS 5/17)= $1.24 each
Fresh Ground Chuck-$1.89/lb

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Goal Setting Sunday

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! If you have a special guy in your life, who plays the amazing roll all year long to your kids, let him know just how special he is today :)

I failed miserably on my fitness goal this week-only getting one day in. I can only do better this week :) My calf has been doing just fine now, it seems, so I think I can really get in my 3 days with no problem.

I got my cupboards wiped down, and they are nice. But, the cupboard and vent fan above my stove is sticky and icky!! I do not like it. I tried everything-hot water, vinegar, Fantastic, Magic Eraser....and it didn't help, except that it looks clean. I know it was like this before we moved in and I know it must be from cooking oils or grease sort of evaporating up there-lol! But, I cannot get it off. If anyone has a suggestion, I sure would love to hear it!

This week's main goal is to go around my house and sweep the cobwebs. It seems the more we use our fans, the faster we get these. So, I will brush those away this week.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Several months ago I signed up with Homescan.com . Everytime I shop, I scan my products, in some cases, put in the price, and send it into the company once a week. It earns me points. They will even send me little gifts every so often for my effort. I have received a couple cute reusable shopping bags and I do believe something else that I cannot remember right off hand-lol! But, I do remember being thrilled over it :) It is free to sign up and if you are approved, they will send you the scanner so you can get started. It can seem like a hassle to scan all your groceries or other items you shop for, but, between the points you earn for that and the points you get for extra surveys, it can add up to some nice gifts :)
So, you might check them out! You shop anyway, why not earn something for those groceries you get each week or two!

What do you see?

We have a debate in our house as to what this tree in our neighborhood looks more like-a sea horse or a dragon. We discovered it last summer, and this year, after it was full in it's leaves again, I decided to take the debate online :)
So, what do you think? Sea horse or dragon? Or, perhaps another creature of some kind....feel free to comment and let me know what you think!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Walmart Deals by Deal Seeking Mom

Deal Seeking Mom finds great Walmart deals every week. She matches online coupons or paper coupons each week. Of course, because of differences between state to state pricing or coupons, these deals are not always the same, but I will tell you, it really helps me to save money! Please check out her blog-if you shop at Walmart, you will not be sorry!

The last two shopping trips I took, I was able to save, just at Walmart, about 25% of my total bill! I have been on cloud nine-lol! But, it does make me feel good to know I am saving that money for my family-especially now that gas is going back up again!! That 25% can equal a tank of gas for my family!

I have been asked if I think coupons are worth it--YES! I do think they are worth it-even more so now!

And, also, do not forget that Walmart will comp ad. If you see a sale at another store, but don't want to go out of your way, take that ad into Walmart with you. They will give you that price for that item. I think this does not include one day sales, 3 hour sales (such as around Black Friday), but it would be best on those special sales to ask your local Walmart first :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some Great Hormel Coupons

Hormel has some good coupons on their site to print off. It requires you to register with their site, but it is free and I am always happy to do something like that in return for good coupons :) I also keep in mind that often, these companies will send more coupons in my inbox :)
So go on over and check them out!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Goal Setting Sunday-two days late!!!

Our a/c went out Friday evening, so, when Sunday morning came, I was in no mood to get on the computer! The temps stayed somewhat mild through the weekend, but yesterday was very hot!! It was about 97 in our area according to the news last night! YIKES! But, Praise God, He is good and the a/c was fixed yesterday learly evening and by bedtime, we were comfy in our coolness and ready for a very good night's sleep :)

I bought a good ol spong mop and used it on my floors. After doing some asking around, I have decided that eventually, if we keep this tile floor, I will stain this grout or change the grout completely to a nice dark color-lol!!! The sponge mop did not work any better than the Swiffer mop I have. So, until I can change the grout, it is hands and knees scrubbing every once in a while for me...

I got my last few tomato plants potted. My other tomnato plants-even the ones I started from seed and thought were not growing well, are getting big!! A neighbor shared he had been using Miracle Gro in his and how well they were doing. I may just go out and buy me some :) I also have some zuchinni blooms, so can't wait for those zukes!!!

I got in 2 days of aerobics and one day of weights. I hope to get 3 days of aerobics and one day of weights. Still favoring my left calf. When I do hurt from it (especially after running after my kitten who tries to escape from the house and down the street) it really does not hurt that long.

Also, this week, I am going to go around my house and wipe down any cupboards. I have noticed some dusty places and I need to get on top of that :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Reasor's Sale and Coupon Match Ups 6/10

Here are some of the good deals I saw at Reasor's this week. They are having a one day, 12 hour sale on Saturday with some nice items :) Check out Reasors for the entire ad :)

VO5 Shampoo/Conditioners -.69 each/limit 4

Coke or Sprite 2 liters -.46 each/limit 1

Reasor's Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns- .46 each/limit 1

Hormel Cooked Deli Ham-$1.99/lb

Home Pride Wheat Bread-.99, limit 4


El Monterey Tornadoes $2.00 each- 1.00 coupon (5/17 SS)= $1.00 each
Hiland Cottage Cheese $1.88 24 oz container- .55 coupon (5/17SS)=$1.33

Snyder's Pretzels $3.00 each- 1.00 coupon (5/17 SS)=$2.00 each
Breyer's Ice Cream $2.88 each- 1.00 coupon (5/17 RP)= $1.88 each


Head Lettuce-.99

Dawn Dish Liquid-.99-.50 coupon (from Homemade Simple coupon booklet-Spring)= .49

Hiland sour cream or dips-.59/8 oz container

On the vine tomato cluster-.86/lb

Value Pack Assorted Pork Chops- $1.46/lb

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Food Pyramid Ad and Coupon Match Ups Starting 6/10

Here are Food Pyramid Sales and Coupon Match Ups this week :)

Ground Chuck-Family Pack-$1.59/lb
Dutch Farms American Cheese Slices-99 cents for 12 oz pkg
Superiors Hot Dogs-12 oz pkg-69 cents
Hunt’s Ketchup .99-.20/1(gets doubled) ( 5/10/09 SS) =$.59 each (Good time to stock up!)
Digiorno Flat Breads $2.50-.75/1 ( 5/17/09 SS) =$1.75/1 (Hubby loves these :)
Pringles $1.50-$1/2 ( 5/17/09 PG)=$2/2
Pringles Snack Packs $1.50-.50/1 (5/17/09PG)=$1/1
Daisy Sour Cream -you may have to search for this coupon but I do remember one from the last couple of months--99 cents on sale-could be good deal if you can find the coupon :) I will search later and post when I find it.
Iceberg lettuce-$1/head
Ol South Sausage Roll-99 cents

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Goal Setting Sunday

I made my goal of exercising. My calf is still off and on sore. I can go a day or two without it hurting, and then a day or two with pain. So, I did 4 days, alternating weightlifting with sitting/lying down exercises.

My kitchen floor is almost done. I took one day and re-scrubbed the areas I had already srubbed and added a few rows extra that still needed cleaning. My youngest daughter loves helping me with this and she scrubbed under the kitchen table a bit :)

All but three tomato plants are planted. I need to find another place for these as I guess I bought too much for the small garden area I have. I also planted my basil into the garden. I am hoping to buy some fertilizer this paycheck as I think these little plants could use some :)

My fitness goal is to continue on this week as I did last week. I would like to try to add in some walking, but don't want to overdo anything.
I do plan to get that kitchen floor completely scrubbed and plan to buy a regular sponge mop to clean my floors with. I have a swiffer that I use with homemade wipes, but I am wondering if this is nto enough to get into those grout areas and clean them as the floor gets mopped.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Coupons this Sunday :)

Be sure to stock up on those Sunday papers and those coupons. There will be Smart Source, P&G and Red Plum-and a few Kellogg's coupons :) I plan to actually buy the Oklahoman this Sunday and the Tulsa World.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

First 10,000 Free Glade Summer Scents Gift Pack

Sign up with Right At Home and if you are one of the first 10,000 to sign up, you will get a free Glade Summer Scents Gift Pack. If you do not make it for the gift pack, they usually send out some wonderful coupon books to the others who sign up-still worth joining the site :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Betty Crocker's website has coupons to print out when you join their site-it's all free. But, it also has some great recipes, which Im sure you figured they would anyway ;) But, they also have two sections for budget friendly meals.
Budget Cooking has easy dinner recipes especially if you are craving take out foods.
Dinners That Make Sense makes it easy for you to pick a recipe, print it out and even print out the grocery list for it-and don't forget those coupons! It even has the cost of the meal listed :) How easy is that?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Oklahoman vs the Tulsa World

Hubby did not think QT sold the Oklahoman. So I did not get the paper on Sunday-just two Tulsa Worlds. I went into QT yesterday and checked around for an Oklahoman myself-lo and behold, there is was! I glanced through the paper to check out the Sunday coupon sections and they really were so much better than the ones in the TW!! In TW, there was a Red Plum section with only 3 coupons-only one of which I would use, and the rest of the section was all ads for some sattelite company, flowers you can by through the mail, clothes, etc...you know those messy ads that just ad bulk to your coupon stash :)

So, for week number one, the Oklahoman won!!! Now, Hubby knows and he will buy me one of each this Sunday :)