Saturday, June 20, 2009

Several months ago I signed up with . Everytime I shop, I scan my products, in some cases, put in the price, and send it into the company once a week. It earns me points. They will even send me little gifts every so often for my effort. I have received a couple cute reusable shopping bags and I do believe something else that I cannot remember right off hand-lol! But, I do remember being thrilled over it :) It is free to sign up and if you are approved, they will send you the scanner so you can get started. It can seem like a hassle to scan all your groceries or other items you shop for, but, between the points you earn for that and the points you get for extra surveys, it can add up to some nice gifts :)
So, you might check them out! You shop anyway, why not earn something for those groceries you get each week or two!

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