Sunday, June 21, 2009

Goal Setting Sunday

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there! If you have a special guy in your life, who plays the amazing roll all year long to your kids, let him know just how special he is today :)

I failed miserably on my fitness goal this week-only getting one day in. I can only do better this week :) My calf has been doing just fine now, it seems, so I think I can really get in my 3 days with no problem.

I got my cupboards wiped down, and they are nice. But, the cupboard and vent fan above my stove is sticky and icky!! I do not like it. I tried everything-hot water, vinegar, Fantastic, Magic Eraser....and it didn't help, except that it looks clean. I know it was like this before we moved in and I know it must be from cooking oils or grease sort of evaporating up there-lol! But, I cannot get it off. If anyone has a suggestion, I sure would love to hear it!

This week's main goal is to go around my house and sweep the cobwebs. It seems the more we use our fans, the faster we get these. So, I will brush those away this week.


Kim said...

De-solv-it is great to get grease out of carpet, clothes, stickers from mirrors or windows, etc. I would try this, you use to be able to get it at Wal-mart in the laundry area but I have not be able to find it anymore. You can ordered some on the internet, just google the name and you should find it.
Good luck,

Debbie said...

Thanks Kim! Since WD-40 gets sticker mess off windows too, I wonder if I could try that since I have some in our garage :) If that won't work, I will give the De-Solv-It a try :)

Brilliant Creations said...

I have used Goo Gone for just this mess, and it worked great! In time, I got tierd of doing it any and decided to make hubby take the thing off! We didn't use the light or fan anyway...and I'm happy the eye sore is gone! :)

Debbie said...

Goo Gone?! I should have known that would work. I have seen that at Walmart, Im sure. I will look for both this and the De-Solv-It and pick one to try! I ahve touching these cabinets because they are is not just the vent hood but the cabinets above the stove...I guess the people who lived here before made alot of greasy foods or something-lol!!