Saturday, October 31, 2009

Free Gift from The Old Schoolhouse

2009 Holiday Digital Supplement/Idea Book

Go here to get your free gift from The Old Schoolhouse. A terrific looking holiday celebration book-crafts, recipes, activities and so much more-for free! Enjoy and feel free to pass this along :)

Oh Yea! Kellogg's Cereal Coupons!!

Go here to print off coupons for Kellogg's cereals :) I love these-especially the Mini Wheats because my kids love them (and so do I ;)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Say Hello to My Little Friend

We made this spider last year and the kids (including the neighbor kids) loved it so much, it became a tradition now :) It is so easy and fun once you have it up. One thing I would do differently is place the legs on before stuffing it. You might want to play with it a bit, though.

You can make this yourself by visiting Cindy's Porch

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Food Pyramid and Reasor's Sales/Coupon Match Ups-Oct 28

**NOTE**--At Food Pyramid, I listed boneless/skinless chicken breasts on sale-3lbs/$3.99...I could not find them at FP, so I double checked the ad in the store ( I have to view the ad online at home before I go shopping). I must have looked at the ad online incorrectly or something-so I am sorry, the chicken breasts are not on sale this week :( But, starting Nov 1st, they are having a big meat sale-they will have the chicken then for $4.99 and they will also have the ground round listed below for $1.69. They also have some goodies on sale I think until tomorrow (Oct. 31)-like Pepsi products-2 liters for 59 cents (limit of 3).

I had a problem with blogger yesterday so I could not post any sales/match ups I found. But, today I am going to combine to two stores to make this fast and easy ;)

Food Pyramid
Ground Round-$1.99/lb,
Hiland Sour Cream-99 cents-40 cents/1( 10-18SS) doubled= 19 cents

Coffeemate Flavored Ceamer-$1.79-.50/1 (11/1 RP mailer) doubled= $.79

Farmland Pork Sausage-$1

Libby's canned veggies-59 cents each- $1/4 (9/27 RP)=$1.36/4 or 34 cents each

Prairie Farms Milk-gallons-2/$5

Hamburger Helper-79 cents-75 cents/3 printable = $1.62/3 or 54 cents a piece

Rodeo or Hunter Hot Dogs-69 cents

Colgate Total or Total Advanced Clean Toothpaste 4-6oz. $2.79-$1/1 (10/25 SS) = $1.79

Eckrich Smoked Sausage 14-16 oz. $1.89-.55/1 (10/11 SS)=$1.34

**Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts-3 lb bag-$3.99** See note above-not on sale this week-Sorry :(


Im sorry, I really did not see much this week that were good deals, or that you could not get better using a coupon at another store (or by buying Aldi's brand). But here are a few I found:

Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta $4/3 ($1.33 ea)-$1/2 printable=$1.66/2 or 83 cents each

Hiland Chocolate or Strawberry Milk $1.85-.40 (10/18 SS)=$1.45

Duncan Hines Cake Mix $1-55 cents/2 (10/11 SS)=$1.45/2 or 73 cents each

Aussie Hair Care -$2.79-$1 (10/11 P&G)=$1.79

Herbal Essences Hair Care $2.79-$1 (9/9 RP Mailed)=$1.79
B1G1 (10/11 P&G)=$2.79/2 or about $1.40 for each

$10 off a pair of jeans from Special K

Check out Special K $10 Off Jeans Promo . Send 5 Special K Tokens along with the voucher you can print from the above link and get a voucher for $10 off a pair of jeans :) This is good through December of next year, so you can take your time...and perhaps you might lose that 6 lbs they mention in their ads :) Then, treat yourself to a new pair of jeans :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Check Out This Cooking Blog!

I can really vouch for this wonderful cooking blog! This is my friend and she is an amazing cook. I have tried many of her creations over the years and I can promise you that not once did I try something I didn't care for-honestly!!! I would say that about 99% of what she posts on her blog, I would eat myself. Her blog makes me hungry :) So, please, check out What's Cookin?? --I don't think you will be disappointed! I also have her listed in the Cooking section of blogs I follow, so you can see what she has cookin right now :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Great List of Freebies from Homemaker Hero

Homemaker Hero has a terrific list of freebies today! Check her out :)

Free Sample Of L'Oreal Pure Hair Color Care

Go to L'Oreal  and either sign in or register. Then, go to coupons and samples (I found the link at the bottom left of the page-you may have to play around with the site a bit-my connection is slow today so it took me awhile to find it-lol). Then, get your free sample of Pure-or check out the other offers :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Join Homescan!!

I joined Homescan about a year ago. It has been fun and easy to earn points. The hardest thing has been scanning all those products I bring home with such a big family-lol! And, it took me a few tries to get the scanner to work right with the phone, but I eventually figured it out. If you are willing to scan your purchases when you bring them in the house, take a few extra surveys online (and sometimes with the scanner), and perhaps do an extra project with the scanner once a year or so, then this could be an easy way for you to earn some points to earn prizes! Here is a link to get you signed up:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Makin' Cents at Target :)

It's starting to pay to use reusable bags at some stores. Target is now offering 5 cents for each reusable bag you use at their store :) This may not be alot, but it can add up....My thought is adding it to a change jar :) As my husband said "It's non'taxable income" :) Put this with the 5 cents per bag you save at Reasor's :) Now, if Walmart follows suit, I will be thrilled!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Free Tote Bag From Red Gold- *for certain states*

Go here and sign up for Red Gold's email newsletter. This allows you to recieve a free tote bag as well :) Only good for those in certain states-IL, KS, MI, MN, MO, OH, OK and WI.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Food Pyramid Sales and Coupon Match Ups

Here are a few items I saw this week on sale at Food Pyramid :)

Black Angus Beef Arm Roast-Family Pack-$1.69/lb
Lance Crackers-3/$5
Hiland Butter Quarters-$1.79
Hot Pockets 4 for $9-.50/1 from mailed RP  = $1.75/1

Reasors Sales and Coupon Match Ups

A few good deals this week :) Here are some I found:

Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts-7-9lb package-$1.38/lb  or
      $1.68/lb for a meduim package (not sure how many lbs that is)

Yoplait yogurt-10/$4=40 cents per pack. Use coupon from 10-4 SS to buy 6 and get one free=$2.40 for 7  or--50 cents/6 printable = $1.90/6

Tony's pizza-5/$10- buy 2 at $2 each-$1/2 10-4 SS=$3 for 2 pizzas

Gala Apples-75 cents/lb

Honey Nut Cheerios, Trix, Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp $1.88- $1 offHoney Nut Cheerios printable (plus get a free sample if you haven't already)=88 cents   or
$1/2 printable =$2.76   OR
55 cents off printable for Honey Nut Cheerios=$1.33
Maxwell House Coffee-31.5-34.5 oz- $5.99-$1/2 printable=$10.98

Monday, October 12, 2009

Walmart-50 items all under $1-some even free!

There are some great deals listed there! Thanks to Christi's 2 Cents for passing this along from Couponing to Disney
Walmart-50 Items Under $1 (17 are free!)
Remember, prices vary from location to location, so be aware your savings may differ :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Goal Setting Sunday

I did not get actual exercising in this week-but we went to the fair a few days so I got in lots of walking :) That counts, right? I have a new video I borrwed from the library and I will do that this week. It is Walk Away the Pounds and if you have never checked out this series by Leslie Sansone, I highly recommed it! There are different levels-or miles- and you really can get a good aerobic workout, in a pretty gentle manner. Nice if you have problem knees, calves (like I seem to be having lately) or other issues. She also has a nice Pilates work out video which I like, but wish she did more of those--it is too easy to master the one and not have anything easy to move on to...Im not too coordinated-lol!

I did not get my cabinets again! UGH! So, I will try once more. This week, I focused on laundry. I even made myself more laundry-lol! It seems we have almost skipped Autumn here in Tulsa and went right into Winter-lol! So, we went through boxes of stored winter clothes and packed up most of the summer clothes. I washed the clothes that were stored in the garage or my closet (for some reason, my closet smells and I am not sure, but I think it might come from the attic). I was able to knock most of that out yesterday and should have only one load today and be caught up :) YAY ME!!

I also plan to finish up our apple unit study this week and the apple lapbook. I will post pics when we are done, as well as links I used for our unit :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

QuikTrip Soda Deal

Right now at some Qt's there is a coupon pad hanging from the doors by the 7Up brand sodas. You buy a 20 oz soda and get a 2 liter soda for free. These are only for 7Up products. The 20 oz were about $1.29 and the 2 Liters were $1.59, but you get that one free--for for $1.29, you get a 2 liter and a 20 oz :) Not too bad!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Online Layaway with KMart

KMart is having an online layaway program. You can find the items you want, now, through Oct. 9 and put them on layaway. Details on the payment schedule, down payment, etc, are on the website. You can then, pick up your order at your local KMart. Be sure to check if your local KMart has layaway available :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Goal Setting Sunday

On a Monday-again-lol!!! We were pretty busy yesterday. We were blessed with tickets to Disney on Ice and I took my younger 3 kids to see it. It was lots of fun, but people sure can be rude.
Anyway, last week went pretty well. I never got to my cabinets, though. So, I will try to do that this week. I was able to get in two days of exercising-one aerobic with weights and abs and another day of just some abs and crunches-boy was I sore!!! Will try for another 2 days this week.
I also need to catch up on a mountain of laundry! Why do kids wait to bring out laundry until it amounts to two loads? I need to post a note somewhere I will see it so I can remember to ask them to bring out their laundry each night...perhaps I can avoid the laundry trap again :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Reasor's Sale and Coupon Match Ups

One more store :) Reasors :) A few things that caught my eye here are:
18 ct eggs-$1.18
Potatoes-5 lb bag-$1.19
Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies-99 cents-$1.00 (I found a coupon from Keebler about a month ago-one for $1 off and another for 55 cents off-hopefully some of you have these too as I think they are no longer available)-free if you ahve the coupon :)
Yoplait Yogurt .40 cents each- $1.00/8 Printable = $2.20 for 8 about 28 cents for each
Hiland Ice Cream Squares $2.50- .55cents (9/13 SS)= $1.95

Birdseye Steamfresh Veggies $1.00- .35cents (9/13 SS)= 65 cents
Purina Cat Chow 16lb $11.99- $1.00 (9/29 RP from mail)= $10.99
VO5 Shampoo/Conditioner-79 cents
Old Orchard Juice-4/$5-$1.00/4 printable=$1.25 each without coupon or $1.00 each with coupon

Food Pyramid Sales and Coupon Match Ups 9/30

Quite a few nice sales this week at Food Pyramid-I love when that happens. Some things that caught my eye are:
Peter Pan flour-4 lb bag-99 cents
Rodeo or Hunter Hot Dogs-79 cents
Tender Sweet Whole Kernal Corn or Green Beans-14.5-15 oz can-39 cents
Washington Apples-Golden/Red Delicious, Granny Smith or Gala-3 lb-$1.99
Kodak Batteries-49 cents
Quality Time light bulbs-4 pk-49 cents
Pringles-2/ $3-$1/2 (8-30 PG) = $2/2
Colgate $2.79-$1/1 (9-13SS) = $1.79
Always-pads or liners or Tampax tampons- $2.79-.50/1 (9-27 PG)= $2.29
Wonder Bread Classis $1.49-.55/1  (8-25 RP from mail) = 94 cents