Friday, October 30, 2009

Say Hello to My Little Friend

We made this spider last year and the kids (including the neighbor kids) loved it so much, it became a tradition now :) It is so easy and fun once you have it up. One thing I would do differently is place the legs on before stuffing it. You might want to play with it a bit, though.

You can make this yourself by visiting Cindy's Porch


jo said...

Oh thanks for this. I have been looking for inspiration. My 14 year old daughter decided yesterday that she wants a haloween party. Being a wonderful mum (I have to say it or it won't be said) that I wouls sort it for her. the trouble is that our omm is quite big and it will take a bit of decorating. This bat will be great as it is quite big, not to expensive and I can make a few of them. Thanks for the wonderful tips. I might put the pics on my blog in a couple of weeks. You can be suitably proud of yourself. Thanks again.

Debbie said...

You are so welcome! Thanks for the nice compliment :) It was fun to make and since my spider is not working out well this year, I have actually thought about making another bat so my first one will have a friend :) I hope your daughter has a great party!!