Sunday, October 11, 2009

Goal Setting Sunday

I did not get actual exercising in this week-but we went to the fair a few days so I got in lots of walking :) That counts, right? I have a new video I borrwed from the library and I will do that this week. It is Walk Away the Pounds and if you have never checked out this series by Leslie Sansone, I highly recommed it! There are different levels-or miles- and you really can get a good aerobic workout, in a pretty gentle manner. Nice if you have problem knees, calves (like I seem to be having lately) or other issues. She also has a nice Pilates work out video which I like, but wish she did more of those--it is too easy to master the one and not have anything easy to move on to...Im not too coordinated-lol!

I did not get my cabinets again! UGH! So, I will try once more. This week, I focused on laundry. I even made myself more laundry-lol! It seems we have almost skipped Autumn here in Tulsa and went right into Winter-lol! So, we went through boxes of stored winter clothes and packed up most of the summer clothes. I washed the clothes that were stored in the garage or my closet (for some reason, my closet smells and I am not sure, but I think it might come from the attic). I was able to knock most of that out yesterday and should have only one load today and be caught up :) YAY ME!!

I also plan to finish up our apple unit study this week and the apple lapbook. I will post pics when we are done, as well as links I used for our unit :)

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