Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Free Bottle of Pantene Still Available!!

Like Pantene North America and then click on Pantene Coupon Giveaway (link will be under the picture on the left side of the page). There, you will be given instructions to get your free bottle coupon sent to you snail mail :) Pantene is giving away 100,000 of these coupons, but this has been active for a couple of days now, so I recommend heading over there and requesting yours just as fast as you can!

$2 DiGiorno printable coupon

Like DiGiorno on FB to get a $2 off coupon for their Pizza & Sides combos.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Colgate Kids Toothpaste Sample

Go here to get a free sample of kids' toothpaste from Walmart and Colgate's Building Bright Smiles.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Always Best Lawn and Pest Control

If you live in the Owasso area, and are in need of pest control, give my friend Craig a call. He is owner of Always Best Lawn and Pest Control and does a great job at getting rid of those pests who are pestering you! He also does weed control and lawn fertilizing! We were having a terrible ant invasion this year, which I usually use Terro to take care of, but this year, it wasn't working and the ants got worse and worse! They even turned my wood knife block into a home!!! So, my husband gave Craig a call and the ants were gone that same day! I would see one here and there and then, none!

He has an online special going right now, so be sure to read about that in the lower right corner of the website :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

75 cents off Printable for Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs

Like Oscar Mayer on FB and get access to a 75 cents off one package of hot dogs. You know these will come in handy for all the sales for the 4th of July coming up :) You can also combine these with Target coupons-they have one right now that is $1/2 packages.

Hills Bros Cappuccino Printable Coupons

Go here to get 55 cents off any Hills Bros Cappuccino coupons. The link for the coupon will be in the pcitures that move under the big top picture (if that really made any sense. I think I might need a cappuccino right now :) My husband's favorite is the English Toffee. He adds a scoop of the cappuccino mix to his brewed coffee. He has even tried to frozen recipe from the side of the package in the summer and loved it as well :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Old Navy Tanks $2 this Friday and Saturday

Like Old Navy and help them celebrate reaching 2 million fans!! As a thank you they are having a Tankathon Pre-Sale this Friday, June 24th. Once you have Liked them, find the post that starts with "Tom Wyatt, President of Old Navy has a shout out to our 2 million fans!" and click on the link in that post. I am not certain if you supposed to print that pdf out, but I went ahead and did it anyway, just so I won't go to the store unprepared Friday :). Also, while on the Old Navy page, click on "The Hottest Ticket" link on the left side (will be under Wall, Info, etc links). There you will find a 10% off In-Store Coupon :) I am pretty certain the two can be combined, but, once again, not planning on going unprepared-10% takes care of tax and a bit more here ;)

Btw-the tanks will be on sale for $2!! You have a limit of 10 :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Soft Scrub Coupon-$1.50 off

Sign up for the Soft Scrub Newsletter to receive a coupon for $1.50 off.

Dove Coupons

Go to Dove and sign in or register to get access to some really great coupons!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just Saw Food Pyramid Deals Using the Hiland Q-Pons

I just saw this week at FP they have a Hiland shredded cheese, cottage cheese, and sour cream on sale. Some of those q-pons I just told you about will work for these sales :) Again, these coupons are here :)

Hiland 24 oz cottage cheese-$2.29- .40 cents/1 (will double to 80 cents)= $1.49

Hiland Sour Cream- $1.50-30 cents/1 (once again, doubles to 60 cents)= 90 cents

Hiland Shredded Cheese 8 oz- $2.00- 25 cents/1 (doubles to 50 cents)= $1.50 per bag.

Fudge Pop Recipe

Target has popsicle molds in their Dollar Spot-each mold holds 8 pops. I bought 3 during my last shopping trip on Friday :) The kids were thrilled! I promised to make them some fudge pops and had originally bought pudding to make these. In searching for the recipe to use the pudding mix, I came across this recipe and decided to try it instead. Now, Im not sure if these are really that different from using just the pudding mix (will have to try the pudding next time to compare) but I must admit, these are really very tasty :) You can read through the reviews and get ideas of what other folks did while making these :) I added a bit more cocoa powder than called me (just used slightly heaping TBS). I did scant cups of sugar and will try next time to use even less as, to me, these were quite sweet. Also, the recipe says to boil until thickened-I really did not see too much thickening, so really, I think it means the mixture is not to be the consistency of hot cocoa, but a bit thicker-not like you would get with pudding :) Hope that makes sense :)

Fudge Pop Recipe

I will have to work out the cost of these one day and figure out how much it costs for this recipe as compared to pudding mix. For me, using the Target popsicle molds, I got about 19 pops-not too bad!

Hiland Coupons

Hiland always has some pretty nice coupons on their site. You will need to register if you have not done so before. Go here to get yours. Right now, the coupons available are:

  • 55¢ off any 56-oz Old Recipe Ice Cream
  • 40¢ off any 24-oz Cottage Cheese
  • 25¢ off any 8-oz Shredded Cheese
  • 30¢ off any 16-oz Sour Cream
Often, these items go on sale at Homeland or Food Pyramid where you can get double coupons and get these almost free :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Like Lysol on FB to Print off $1 coupon

GO to Lysol and like them if you have not already. Then, you can print off a $1 coupon :) This will make it less than $1 per bottle at Walmart-this is great timing as I was really needing to buy some cleaning stuff this weekend. How the heck did we run out of bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, etc...all at the same time? Maybe we should just not clean, then I wouldn't have to worry about it... :P

Reasor's is having a 12 hour sale this Saturday!!

Wasn't too impressed with the front page of the ad, but turned the page and saw Best Choice Shredded Cheese for 99 cents!! Great, great price! Stock up and throw some in the freezer-hide it from your husband so he doesn't use it all :)
Deli Turkey-$2.50/lb
Nabisco Chips Ahoy Cookies-$1.88
DaVinci Pasta-78 cents
Tony's Pizza-6/$10-which works out to $1.67 (approx.) per pizza-great deal!!

Coupons for Jello Temptations :)

Like Jello on FB and you can print off coupons for Jello Temptation Snacks and Kits.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bar-S Coupons

Go to Bar-S and click on the coupons link. It seems as though they have designed it in such a way as to get people to complete a profile. So, register yourself, then right above your Submit button, you will see a little red link that you need to click and it will go to the coupon page to print out your $1 off 2 jumbo franks (atleast mine turned out to be that coupon since I clicked the franks as being our favorite Bar-S product :) This will also sign you up for the newsletter in which they promise to share more money saving offers :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Don't Forget-Bounty $5 Printable This Morning!!!

This starts 11am est, so be ready :) Go to Bounty's FB page to learn more or to "Like" them so you will be prepared. These are going to go SUPER fast I am sure!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Taco Mayo Rewards Club

Hubby and I went to Taco Mayo today to enjoy one of their new Grilled Chicken Bacon burritoes (atleast I think that is what it was called-lol). I saw they have a rewards program you can sign up for and earn free food--FREE FOOD!!!! Yea, Baby!!! Go here to learn more and to sign up.

Quik Trip Fan Appreciation Day

Like Quik Trip on FB and click on the Offers tab to print off a coupon for a free roller item. Valid tomorrow only (6-3-11) I really wish they would bring back those burger griller thingys :) Those were yummy :)

Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet

I absolutely love getting these!! Lots of coupons for lots of products all sent to my snail mail box :) Go here to get yours!

Free Sample of Dove Go Sleeveless Deoderant

Go here to get your free sample of Dove Go Sleeveless Deoderant. You will need to register or sign in, but you will get heads up on more offers in the future :)

***I just tried signing up for this offer and I am having issues with anything coming up to request the free deoderant sample. So, if you have a problem, you can still look toward the top of the page and click on the Offers link. This will give you an opportunity to request a sample of Dove Intense Moisture Conditioner sample :) ***