Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Save $1.50 off Select Kraft Products

Head on over to and get a coupon for $1.50 off 2 Kraft Fresh Take, Philadelphia Cooking Creme or Milkbite Granola Bars.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birthday Deals from Favorite Companies!

When you register with a company, either to receive their online newsletters, to get a coupon, or to be able to buy from their website, always be sure to put your birthday in there. Or if you haven't already signed up on some of your favorite brands' websites, get busy :) My birthday was yesterday and I received several birthdya emails from companies I love! Some were for free products when I purchased so much in their online store. One was a coupon for $3 off any purchase at a major drug store chain. Another email held $10 off any $50 clothing purchase (which I will get use out of this weekend, Im sure as kids are needing clothes for summer!). In the past, I have usually gotten emails for free food from restaurants....which is nice as well :) But, this year, Im loving the deals that popped up! So, don't miss out. Think about your favorite restaurants, clothing store, drug stores, etc and get signed up!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A couple recipes to pass along!

We have tried a couple of new recipes this month. They have both turned out nicely and both are made in the crock pot!!! I love throwing things in the crock pot and forgetting about them!

The first recipe was so easy it is almost sad-well, not really, because it actually made me very happy :)
Take a 25 oz bag of frozen ravioli, dump it in your crock pot, pour a jar of your favorite sauce over top, stir it a bit to coat the ravioli (I rinsed my jar out with a bit of water and poured that into the crock as well), put lid on top. I cooked mine for 3 hours on high. The last 20 mins of cooking, I put some shredded cheese on top. Easy-peasy!!!!

The second recipe I found here.... Chef in Training Ranch House Pork Chops. Also super easy and very good! I doubled the cream soup (and we used cream of mushroom soup instead of the cream of chicken). I also mixed the ranch in with the soup. And, to flavor the pork chops a lil, we sprinkled them with a tad of onion and garlic powder :)

This experiment of trying a new recipe each paycheck is really paying off! I have quite a few new recipes to add to our collection that everyone in the house loves! Even my picky husband (shhhhhh--don't tell him I said that :) And, I have a new way of making a meal (the ravioli) that I would only make in cooler months so I wouldn't have to heat up my kitchen with the stove and oven!!

Hopefully this series is giving you a couple of good ideas to try for your family too!!

******************edited add on***************
I forgot I try to add in the cost to each new meal we try. For the ravioli, I used two packages of frozen cheese ravioli from Aldi with was $2.29 a bag. The sauce was just Best Choice from Reasor's and I used two of those-they cost 89 cents a can. I used about a cup of shredded cheese--I bought a 12 oz bag from Aldi for $2.99 (that same bag is on sale this week for $2.79) so the amount of cheese cost me about $1 for this recipe. So, altogether, this meal cost me about $8 (I also made garlic bread-$1 and salad --free since I had a ton of lettuce and carrots that needed to be used from last paycheck-lol! I call it free because if I didn't use it soon, it would go bad ;) This meal also gave me quite a bit of leftovers, so for us, this made about 2 meals worth of food.

For the pork chops, they were on sale for $1.69/lb. I tried to find a package that had 7 chops in it (so each person in the family could have one)-my package cost $6.51. The dry ranch was about $1.25 and the cream of mushroom soup was 59 cents/can. That adds up to about $9. The mashed potatoes will be right around $1 since I bought the bag on sale (making regular mashed tators not the ones in the recipe). So, for about $10, I will have a yummy b-day meal. Not something we will eat often, but on special occassions :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

$1 off Country Crock Printable!!!

Head on over to (or use the coupon section in your swagbucks to earn points when you redeem this coupon) and print off a coupon for $1 off any size Country Crock (excludes flavored spreads). I used zip code 77477. Also, don't forget, you can print this one off twice!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

New Recipe and Homerun :)

I told you last month that I planned to make a new recipe every two weeks (I plan our menus out for two weeks since that is how often I do my grocery shopping). Since then, we have found out we love tetrazzini, with chicken, ground beef, turkey, and ham :) Next, we will try it with tuna ;) But, yesterday, I made Chicken Noodle Casserole. I found the recipe on Pinterest (yes, I am on Pinterest if you would like to follow me) and I really did not think everyone in my family would love it as much as they did!!! Even my picky husband (love you, Hunny :) It's so simple to throw together. I left out the bread crumbs and because I didn't re-read the recipe while makin my shopping list, I left out the sour cream (cuz I didn't buy any---oops!). I doubled the recipe as far as the noodles go-actually, I probably tripled the noodle part. When you do this, I highly recommend using one more can of one of the cream soups. Like I said, this was a hit!

Chicken Noodle Casserole

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oxy Skin Care Fan Giveaway on FB

From a post on Oxy's FB page:
*LIKE* and *SHARE* to help us get to 50,000 beautiful faces and we'll launch a special 50k fan GIVEAWAY. Hmmm...I wonder how fast we can get to 50,000 fans?!?!

So head on over there and Like them so they can get their 50,000 fans!!! Their products have worked well for my kids who suffer from acne. Would love to get a great coupon or even a freebie!!

Coupon Network has $1.85 off 3 Coffeemate Creamer Printable Coupons!!

Head on over to Coupon Network and print off coupons for $1.85 off 3 CoffeeMate Creamers! Great coupon and would be awesome with a sale from Walgreen's!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Save on Neopsporin Essentials!

Go here to print off coupons for Neosporin Essentials-$5 off starter pack or $3 off one product! If you do not see the coupon offer when you first sign onto the page, watch the pictures rotate and it should come up (I think it was about the third 'button' through the series of pics :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

TruMoo 55 cents off printable -sale at Reasor's this week!!

Reasor's has TruMoo 1/2 gal. on sale this week for $2.34. Register at TruMoo (click the coupon tab on top of the page) and you will get access to a printable coupon for 55 cents off. That makes 1/2 gal of TruMoo chocolate milk on $1.79!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One of My Goals for the New Year

I know, so many folks out there think New Year's Resolutions are lame, and I guess I sort of do too. You set a goal for yourself, and many time, never meet that goal. But, this is one I feel I can really adhere to! I plan to try a new recipe every two weeks! Our paychecks are bi-weekly, so I shop for groceries every two weeks. I make my menu plan and shopping list at the same time (and, in most cases, I actually remember everything I need-lol). I do not plan meals according to day, usually. I just pretty much decide that day or the night before what we will eat.

But, our menus really do not have much variety and after a while, I do not even feel like making my shopping list because Im so sick of, what seems like, the same meals over and over!!

So, I have decided that each paycheck, we will try a new recipe for dinner! Most will be frugal, simple and fast. But, some will be, in my mind, a splurge dinner-something that costs more than $6 to feed my family of 7 :)

This week's new recipe was Easy Chicken Parmesan Bake. The recipe calls for 6 small boneless/skinless chicken breasts (about 2 lbs), but I have to admit I used 9 breasts in total (and that was about 4 1/2 lbs which I bought on sale at Reasors when they were priced at about $1.49/lb). My cost for the chicken was about $6. The sauce I got at Target with the pasta/sauce coupon they had a couple of weeks ago. That cost me about 67 cents. I also added in a can of tomato paste that I watered down a bit since I was using the extra chicken and so we would have extra sauce. For a side, I made spaghetti (which was about $1). The cheese for the topping was about $1 (I omitted the parmesan they called for in the recipe since my shredded cheese already had parm in it). I would say the total amount for this whole recipe cost me less than $9...not too bad for a family of 7 and it was very filling! Add in side veggies like a salad, brocolli, etc...and this can be a pretty frugal meal! And, this meal was quick and SO easy to throw together (well, minus to time it took to defrost the chicken since it was a last minute decision to make it that night :)

I will post more meals as we go through this New Years goal! Im looking forward to having lots of meals to choose from when this year is over!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Free Sample of Stayfree

Go here to request your free sample of Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular with Wings! Love freebies and samples :)

****Edited**** Not sure if they ran out of samples, or just allowing you to ALSO print off a coupon with this freebie. After I signed up, it went to a Brick's coupon I could print off. So, whether or not you will get the sample, I don't know, but hopefully you will get the coupon too :) $1 off any Stayfree product :)

Like Brawny on FB for $1/1 package of Brawny paper towels

Head on over and like Brawny to gain access to a printable coupon for $1 off 1 package of paper towels-great deal!! And don't forget to hit your browser's back button to print this one off twice! No size restrictions on these coupons....

Monday, January 9, 2012

Target Printable Coupons Reset!!

If you printed out the coupons you really wanted last week, then you are in luck! Today, you can head on over to Target and print out more! I love the coupon for $1 off Market Pantry sauce and Market Pantry that one again! Also, a $1 off Market Pantry chunk or shredded cheese-great deal! Many others! Head on over to Target and warm up that printer!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

QuikTrip Fan Appreciation Day, Tomorrow Jan. 5, 2012

Wow, I actually typed the year out correctly and didn't accidentally type 2011!!

Tomorrow, at QT you can get a free 32 oz fountain drink or 16 oz hot drink. Go to the QuikTrip FB page and 'like' QT or click the "Offers" tab on the left side of the page to print off your coupon :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

50 cents off 2 packages Kraft Shredded Cheese Printable

Walmart has a printable coupon for 50 cents off 2 packages of Kraft Shredded Cheese!! This is a manufacturer coupon, so it can be used anywhere :)

85 Cents off Muir Glen Product Printable

Betty Crocker has a printable coupon for Muir Glen products. Print this one out twice and really save at Walmart. I love this coupon! I get tomato paste for 12 cents!!! My Walmart carries Muir Glen tomato paste for 97 cents a can, minus the 85 cents with coupon and that's only 12 cents :)

New Year, New Coupons-Some of my fave coupon sites!

New Year, New Coupons are out :) Be sure to check out your favorite coupon sites and get started on printing now! Lots of cereal coupons and lots of cereal sales this month-especially the healthy ones :)

Here are some of my favorite couponing sites. Some of these will offer the same coupons has but there will be an extra 10 cents or so off (for instance, on, there are coupons for 80 cents off 4 boxes of Hamburger Helper. On Betty Crocker, that coupon is for 90 cents off :)
Swagbucks Coupons (powered by but you get points when you redeem)
General Mills
Target Coupons
Red Plum
Smart Source
Everyday Saver

Hope this helps you in your saving adventures!! Remember, at places like Target , Walgreens, and CVS, you can often stack store coupons with manufacturer's coupons :) Now, go out and save!!!