Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A couple recipes to pass along!

We have tried a couple of new recipes this month. They have both turned out nicely and both are made in the crock pot!!! I love throwing things in the crock pot and forgetting about them!

The first recipe was so easy it is almost sad-well, not really, because it actually made me very happy :)
Take a 25 oz bag of frozen ravioli, dump it in your crock pot, pour a jar of your favorite sauce over top, stir it a bit to coat the ravioli (I rinsed my jar out with a bit of water and poured that into the crock as well), put lid on top. I cooked mine for 3 hours on high. The last 20 mins of cooking, I put some shredded cheese on top. Easy-peasy!!!!

The second recipe I found here.... Chef in Training Ranch House Pork Chops. Also super easy and very good! I doubled the cream soup (and we used cream of mushroom soup instead of the cream of chicken). I also mixed the ranch in with the soup. And, to flavor the pork chops a lil, we sprinkled them with a tad of onion and garlic powder :)

This experiment of trying a new recipe each paycheck is really paying off! I have quite a few new recipes to add to our collection that everyone in the house loves! Even my picky husband (shhhhhh--don't tell him I said that :) And, I have a new way of making a meal (the ravioli) that I would only make in cooler months so I wouldn't have to heat up my kitchen with the stove and oven!!

Hopefully this series is giving you a couple of good ideas to try for your family too!!

******************edited add on***************
I forgot I try to add in the cost to each new meal we try. For the ravioli, I used two packages of frozen cheese ravioli from Aldi with was $2.29 a bag. The sauce was just Best Choice from Reasor's and I used two of those-they cost 89 cents a can. I used about a cup of shredded cheese--I bought a 12 oz bag from Aldi for $2.99 (that same bag is on sale this week for $2.79) so the amount of cheese cost me about $1 for this recipe. So, altogether, this meal cost me about $8 (I also made garlic bread-$1 and salad --free since I had a ton of lettuce and carrots that needed to be used from last paycheck-lol! I call it free because if I didn't use it soon, it would go bad ;) This meal also gave me quite a bit of leftovers, so for us, this made about 2 meals worth of food.

For the pork chops, they were on sale for $1.69/lb. I tried to find a package that had 7 chops in it (so each person in the family could have one)-my package cost $6.51. The dry ranch was about $1.25 and the cream of mushroom soup was 59 cents/can. That adds up to about $9. The mashed potatoes will be right around $1 since I bought the bag on sale (making regular mashed tators not the ones in the recipe). So, for about $10, I will have a yummy b-day meal. Not something we will eat often, but on special occassions :)

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