Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Oklahoman vs the Tulsa World

Hubby did not think QT sold the Oklahoman. So I did not get the paper on Sunday-just two Tulsa Worlds. I went into QT yesterday and checked around for an Oklahoman myself-lo and behold, there is was! I glanced through the paper to check out the Sunday coupon sections and they really were so much better than the ones in the TW!! In TW, there was a Red Plum section with only 3 coupons-only one of which I would use, and the rest of the section was all ads for some sattelite company, flowers you can by through the mail, clothes, etc...you know those messy ads that just ad bulk to your coupon stash :)

So, for week number one, the Oklahoman won!!! Now, Hubby knows and he will buy me one of each this Sunday :)

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