Friday, June 19, 2009

Walmart Deals by Deal Seeking Mom

Deal Seeking Mom finds great Walmart deals every week. She matches online coupons or paper coupons each week. Of course, because of differences between state to state pricing or coupons, these deals are not always the same, but I will tell you, it really helps me to save money! Please check out her blog-if you shop at Walmart, you will not be sorry!

The last two shopping trips I took, I was able to save, just at Walmart, about 25% of my total bill! I have been on cloud nine-lol! But, it does make me feel good to know I am saving that money for my family-especially now that gas is going back up again!! That 25% can equal a tank of gas for my family!

I have been asked if I think coupons are worth it--YES! I do think they are worth it-even more so now!

And, also, do not forget that Walmart will comp ad. If you see a sale at another store, but don't want to go out of your way, take that ad into Walmart with you. They will give you that price for that item. I think this does not include one day sales, 3 hour sales (such as around Black Friday), but it would be best on those special sales to ask your local Walmart first :)

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