Thursday, November 5, 2009

Apple Unit Study

I promised that I would post about the apple unit study we did last month. I had actually wanted to finish up the unit in the beginning of October, and do a Pumpkin unit toward the end of October, but, well, time got away from me. Where did October go?!

I was unable to find books at our library. I am thinking many teachers and probably homeschoolers like us had the same idea going on :) I did find a couple books, and of course, some books I requested came in after we were done. Next time, I will be sure to plan ahead :)

Here are pictures of the lapbook we made:

The Front-I wanted to put a picture of an apple or something on the front, but my two kids doing this wanted to keep it the way it was :)

The inside of the folder. The larger papers (the small apple tree math page and the parts of a flower page) fold back.

Here you can see parts of the left side of the folder under the large page. We made an apple booklet which, when opened, has labeled parts of the inside of an apple. The Johnny Appleseed's Travel booklet opens to a map which we colored in states where Johnny traveled. The Did You Know? Match books have a couple aplle facts written inside.

This is the right side of the file folder. We have two charts we made-one showing different apples we tasted and if they were sweet, crunchy, soft, etc in texture. The other shows which of those apples we liked the best and the least.

And here are the two sides together with the larger pages flipped up :)

Here are some links I used to gather info and ideas for our Apple Unit Study:

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