Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Checking Manufacturer's Sites for Coupons

It really can pay off to check your favorite manufacturer's sites for coupons they may offer. I just checked Benefiber's site and they offer a couple great coupons. Yesterday, I looked at Finish's site and found several great coupons for dishwash detergent :) You may not always see coupons readily out there for products that you might use alot in your personal household, but it never hurts to look online, or even call the manufacturer by using the phone numbers that many companies put on their packaging :) They will often send you a coupon or two in return for your comments. I did that recently with our favorite frozen pizza company. Should be getting some coupons in the mail soon :)
So, Im sure many of you have heard of these ideas before, but, if you are like me, it is something you often forget about :) So, start thinking about some of those products you use and would love to save money on! Check out the websites for those products, or look for a Customer Service number and give them a call!

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