Monday, November 14, 2011

SwagBucks and Earning Through Couponing

If you search through SwagBucks, did you know you can also earn points by using coupons too? You can print off coupons through SB (which are powered by, huh?) and about 8-12 weeks after you ahve redeemed those coupons at the store, you will get your points. You get 10 points for each coupon you redeem-now, I can see how that can rack up!

If you are not familiar with SwagBucks, I highly recommend it. You earn points through doing websearches (which most of us do atleast once a day), watching video clips, using coupons printed from the SB site, and many other ways. I recently turned some of my points in to get some PayPal money (was deposited into my account in less than a week) and I am about ready to redeem more points for either an gift card or perhaps more PayPal cash :) Many people use their SB account to pay for most, if not all, of their Christmas. I am not that good yet-lol! But, it has helped out, I have to admit :) So, if you have not joined, I highly recommend it! You might not be able to rack up enough points for this Christmas, but ya never know ;)


What's Cookin Stacey?? said...

Debbie did you join Sassie?

OkieDebbie said...

Yes, I did and I did one shop already. Looking at another :) It was alot of work, but I guess I did it all correctly because I got a good shopper rating :)