Friday, July 22, 2011

Keebler/Sunshine 12 pack deal at Reasor's

Stocked up on these today :) Look for $1 off coupons hanging by the Keebler/Sunshine 12 pack variety snacks boxes. And, also keep an eye out for a display (that might be where you will find the $1 off coupons) that will have coupon booklets for Keebler/Sunshine. The 12 packs are on sale for $3.99 (atleast in my Owasso store they were-In-Store special but they might have these for the same price at other stores). That makes them $2.99 per 12 pack. Then, in the booklets, there is $1.50 off fresh fruit when you buy two boxes of the Keebler or Sunshine 12 pack or larger boxes :) Reasor's has some good deals going on plums, peaches and other fruits, so this is a great deal!

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