Monday, October 3, 2011

Say Hello to my Little Friend!-Halloween Spider Decoration

I think we have made this spider 4 years in a row now. The kids love it and I have to admit, I do too! This year, I gave him shorter legs. The longer legs were such a hassle as they would catch any little breeze and fly up into the gutters! So, this year, our spider friend has a fat body and short little legs (no, I did not use myself as a model for this spider!)

I found a great tutorial that I can not improve on :) The only thing I do suggest is if you decide to hang yours from the front porch or a tree, be sure to really tape the trash bags in the area where you will make holes for wire or yarn to hold him. I lay a few layers of tape (unless it's good duct tape and I will make only one layer) overtop of each other and pierce through the layers and the bag to slip my warn or wire through.

Have fun and enjoy trying to figure out a face for yours! I realized ours looks a little bummed this year. Oh well, with the economy and all, I am sure he is feeling all our pain! ;)

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