Saturday, December 31, 2011

My New Coupon/Shopping Notebook

Earlier this year, I bought a zippered notebook for my shopping/coupon notebook. After several instances of accidentally dropping my notebook at the store and coupon sections scattering across the floor, I decided it was time for a change! Actually, hubby was with me when it happened and he decided it was time for a change-lol!

Sorry for the grainy pics-new camera and not quite used to the settings on it yet :) Anyway, this is the zippered notebook I purchased from Walmart. It was about $10 and well worth the expense! See that CVS card peeping through the front zippered pocket? In there I keep, along with my CVS card, all my RR Rewards and ECBucks. It keeps them all in one place and safe for me.

Now, this little pouch opens.

And inside are insert for putting pens, maybe an id card in case you accidentally leave your notebook at a store (I have never, ever done that-no, not me!!), or whatever you can think of.

And, there is yet another zippered part in the front where I place my scissors and calculator. In my old notebook, these items would always fall out while I was shopping. Now, they stay sage and secure and my kids no longer take my scissors, even though they know they are in there-another plus!!!

                                                                     Now, the inside:

Over to the left, you can see there are file spaces inside. I place current coupon sections inside here. Old sections go into my larger file I leave at home. You can also place coupon booklets from say Walgreen's or Right at Home. I even carry my sales ads from other stores in these, and just clean them out when the sale is over. This way, if I need to compare prices, or comp ad, I have the ads safe and secure :)

Here is a view of the whole inside. To the left, those files I was just telling you about. On the right is where I hold my shopping lists, and my plastic coupon holding inserts.

And, this is where I keep those clipped coupons. I organize it to how I ship-sections for Health & Beauty, Dairy, frozen, and meats, Pets, Cleaning supplies, etc....I also have a section for just store coupons like Target, Walgreen's, etc...

And, this is the back of the inside. Another area to hold my pens (which is where I usually place them so they are easily accessible. And, an area to hold things like a calendar (see those papers peeking out from under the black/gray section?).

Hope this gives you an idea of my shopping notebook. It has truly been so much easier for me to use it to shop verses the old one I had (you can see it here ).

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