Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thinking Ahead to Christmas!

Last year, I made quite a few things for my kids' for Christmas presents. All my girls have American Girl dolls and I was able to make each of them something for their dolls to wear. It was pretty easy, fast and greatly enjoyed by them :) But, this year, I would like to get started earlier. I started most of those items in December, in my spare time, and wanting to get it all finished was frustrating. I think they are some things I could have spent more time on-maybe making a certain seam more sturdy, etc...Not just that, I know my sons enjoy getting homemade things from me as well and I would like to find some ideas for them. I did make my oldest some jammie pants and my youngest got a homemade stocking-I drew his name in our family gift exchange and that is what I did for him :)

So, I will send other links to different homemade projects later on, but today, I am going to focus on a few sewing websites. There are so many out there and if you are blessed with a stash of fabric, even pieces that won't make much of anything, you can make some cute things!!  I was going to list links from here individually, but there are SO many neat projects I thought it best to send the main page-check them out-even help for those learning to sew!  Lots of links to various projects-aprons, dolls, home decorating, etc..
Bella  Lots of links to many different sewing projects
Free Sewing Projects pot holder patterns, sachets, and others-would be great additions to gift baskets too!
AllCrafts  many projects here as well as well as some learning to sew projects.

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