Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas-Doll Houses

We are going to be blessed with a doll house for my two younger kids this Christmas. The friend I am buying it from insists it needs to be painted and fixed up a bit. No problem....look online and you can find great ideas, a wealth of info on how to do it (if you are not very creative, like me :) and even some ideas on how to make little things to go in the doll house!  Perhaps your child does not have a dollhouse-maybe some of these ideas can be used for Barbie and her house. Or, maybe you can make this a neat project to do with your child all year long-get some wood and make your own dollhouse. It could just basic and then add on. Look at yard sales for small dolls to go inside :) The past couple of years, some dollar stores have had small doll accessories, such as small tables, dressers, etc.

Here are some links I have come across:
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Jim's Printable Mini's
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