Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just Couldn't Stay Away

Last week, I told you I would not be back until after New Year's. Oh, well, there are just too many great deals out there :) Freebies, coupons, etc....I could not stop myself from sharing them :) I promise next Christmas to be more prepared here at home with my Christmas shopping/making to not let my blog come last--and to not let my wonderful readers come last either! I do not one of you to lose out on a good deal!
Anyway, sign up here for Pop Tarts Sprinklings. It is program for moms and you get samples, coupons, etc from Pop Tarts :) Thanks to Money Saving Methods for this great deal!

And, then, for a healthier breakfast, go hereto try to win a free box of Cheerio's and to get $4 in coupons sent to you! Yum! My kids love Cheerio's so this will be a nice deal for our family!

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