Thursday, December 31, 2009

Are You Ready for the New Year?

Well, are you? I think I am. I am not too sure. There are so many things from this year that I am hoping will improve next year. One thing is finances. I truly hope I can do much more to help save us money. I also want to get started on a Christmas Club account. Money I make from surveys, I plan to leave in my PayPal as much as possible-more so than I did this year. Though I was not wasteful with it, I had planned to leave it until Christmas. I was able to buy one daughter a coat for Christmas and another a very pretty rug for Christmas, but I would like to have had more in there-perhaps to catch some of those After Thanksgiving Day sales :)

I also really want to spend much less on my family's grocery bill! This is a huge goal for me. I see the deals, but often miss out because it is between paychecks or whatever. This year, I plan to save money back from my grocery budget to grab any deals that might come up. I am also going to try a few All You magazines to see if they are really worth the cost to help save money with their special coupons ;)

Out with the old and in with the new? This can apply to things in your house. Clutter-old. Go through closets, your garage, kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Find those things that you really have no used this year. I have a couple things I can think off right off the top of my head that we have only touched once or twice this year--gone it will be! I also have lots of clothes I went through in the Fall that can go to Goodwill and some that I plan to give away or sell at a yardsale (if it will ever quit snowing here :). There is much more I need to get busy on.

The new? I desperately need to do some new things here-a couple rooms need curtains. I need to replace some mini blinds. And, I need to redo my sewing table (perhaps that will come first before I try making curtains :) I want to treat myself to some cute objects around the house-some picture frames with pictures of the kids and some other decorating items. I also want to actually fix my coffee table and paint/stain it this year! And, my kitchen table and chairs are desperately needing a make over too!

All this may seem like alot, but in baby steps, I know I can achieve it. Going through all things to toss or give away can be broken down into small time periods-I love the 15 minute time period here. It works well for me and sometimes my kids help out and love that it is only 15 minutes!

The curtains I want to make-I know a Walmart that will be losing it's fabric area this February. I know they will clearance out everything. I will keep an eye out on these sales and find fabric for curtains, as well as some other projects I know I will have for next Christmas.

It's all in planning. What are some goals you have for the 2010? Heh, first time I have written/typed that...feel good :)

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