Sunday, July 5, 2009

Goal Setting Sunday

I still did not exercise this week-ugh! Might not happen for me until it gets cooler-lol!! Im staying active in other ways though, so atleast Im doing something :)

I did complete a couple projects this week-really deep cleaned the kids' bathroom and ours-I realized I had not mopped our little area of tile floor in my bathroom since we moved in-gross-I know!! But, it wasn't too filthy, and I have swept it often-plus we have a little bathroom rug down on the tile, so it really was not that dirty :) Still, made me feel good getting it done. Won't let it go another year!

My oven is working again-it has been out since our a/c went out-actually, the day the a/c was fixed, the oven went out-lol! So, it has been nice to have an oven again. I think I might make some bagels and pita bread this week ;)

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