Sunday, July 5, 2009

Goal Setting Sunday Add-on

I almost forgot! Our neighbors are giving us a wonderful cement table and bench set. They have had it for years and years and no longer use it anymore. It is very heavy and needs to be repainted-which I will enjoy doing :) We plan to get it next weekend since we will need my husband's truck in order to move it-it is extremely heavy! But, in the mean time, I will need to move all the wood from around our patio. I want it to be nice and clear back there to give my husband room to carry these heavy peices :) I will post pictures of the table once we have it in place and of course, pics after I have it repainted (which may have to wait until temps are a bit cooler).
So, my big goal this week is to move all the wood to around our shed and away from the house. Hoping to get the major part of this done today since it is a cooler day and a nice breeze is blowing :)

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