Sunday, May 17, 2009

Goal Setting Sunday

My fitness schedule did not go as I hoped, but I did get two days in and on one of those days I did some extra work with my weights. Goal is to get back on schedule this week-hopefully up to 4 days this time!

Im still working on my kitchen floor. I promise (and perhaps this should be a goal too-lol) to send pics of how the floor looks before and after. Im a bit over half way done, but it seems as though I get some of the floor done and the grout just gets filthy again-very frustrating! I have found that baking soda has done the best job :) I ran out early in the week, so had to wait to get started on it again after I went shopping on Friday. I did try vinegar and peroxide, which both did ok, but not as good as the baking soda.

Goals these week are my fitness-pump it up to 4 days! Get my kitchen tile grout completely clean! Finish cleaning my front porch (working on all the dirt that seems to get tracked up from muddy shoes) and put the nicer outdoor rug back down-making sure it is cleaned too :)

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