Saturday, May 9, 2009

Goal Setting Sunday

My porch was cleaned off--pics later :) My oldest son and I took everything off, including the outdoor rug we had down, and I started cleaning. I began at the top and worked my way down, swept cobwebs, wiped down dusty window frames and door frames, and washed windows. Then, I swept the porch. One thing I discovered and Im upset about is my porch floor will have to be redone. There is another outdoor rug-it is blue (and I have pics to show of this later too) but it is glued down to the porch. It is also full of mud-ewwww!!! It looks horrible! I am sure it is due to many years of being walked on. So, I am thinking it will need to be removed. It will be a job that I hope I can get done later soon :)
But, for now, it feels SO nice to walk out on a clean porch! All my little seedlings I had sitting in pots are now transplanted into a garden bed on the side of our house (Im not waiting for dh to get around to making my garden fence in the back yard anymore). I even had a little hummingbird come visit me on the porch yesterday :) He must like the nice clean porch too...but he didn't stay long-he was busy, I suppose ;)
I also got in my fitness this week. Worked out 3 days, was a bit better at watching what I ate (though I sort of stunk when we went into the drive-in Friday night-ugh) and I did some extra weights for my arms. I have not weighed myself, but did measure myself when I started this. My arms and thighs got bigger--hmmm--maybe some muscle? But, my waist and hips did slim about 1/2 an inch so far.
This week I have plans to work in the grout in my kitchen floor. I realized just how dirty it looked and I guess over time of regular use and cleaning, the grout has collected dirt and grime. So, it needs to be scrubbed, I started in a small area yesterday and it took me over an hour to do that! I can see already this will be along project-lol! I used just baking soda and brush to scrub, but hope to get to the store later today to look for other options.
And, of course, I will keep up with my fitness. I am hoping to add in another day of workouts, but we will see. I usually work out Tues-Thurs or days when we have nothing going on. But, this week, I hope to add in Friday. 

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