Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Writing Companies Update

So far, I really have nothing to share. I did not receive any emails, unless they happened to come to my spam folder in which I missed them. And, nothing has come in the mail, but it has only been a week, so I am not expecting anything :) I wrote to 3 companies last week-Zatarain's , Nexcare (and that link will take you to some good coupons), and Malt-O-Meal. I let each of these companies know how much my family likes their product-used examples of the ones we might like the best (for instance, the Zatarain's jambalaya mix) and why. I also thanked them for how their company's products helps me out (for instance, the jambalaya mix helping me to make a quick and easy meal for my family).
I plan to write to more companies this week and I will let you know once again how it is going. Have a great day, everyone!

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