Sunday, March 7, 2010

Contacting Companies for Coupons

I have seen this on a few blogs. Contacting companies and receiving coupons from them. I have gone back and forth on trying this and have decided it does not take much of my time to send a quick email to a company we use and letting them know how we like their product. You could even mention a problem with a product from a company if you need to. I am starting today with Zatarains. A friend of ours makes terrific jambalaya and I wanted to learn how he made it. One day he showed me-he used the Zatarain's as a base, added chicken and smoked sausage (or even some crawdad :). It's easy, fast and fills up my big family quick! So, I decided ot write them and let them know how much we enjoy your product.

Couponing to Disney is where I first saw this idea. She does a 5 A Day and gives suggestions of companies to contact. She also gives a great tutorial on how best to contact the companies-how to make it personal, but not overly personal.

Also, here is a terrific list of some companies you might use and a quick link to each of them. That is where I found the Zatarain's link and decided to make it my first company.

I will try another company tomorrow. I will not try a new company everyday, but would like to get to atleast 3 a week. I will post later on to let you know how it is going. Perhaps a few freebies, or maybe just some good money-off coupons. But, to spend a few minutes of my time (honestly, that is all that email to Zatarains took) is worth it to see how this works out.

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