Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sign up For Murphy USA Offers

Go to MurphyUSA and sign up for their monthly newsletter. It is really worth it. Last month was a soda coupon, but this month is $2 off a $10 gas purchase. That is a 20% savings! Be sure to sign up the person who might use it the most. For instance, I signed my husband up. He might be asked for his I.D. so that is why I suggest using the person's name who might be getting the gas the most :) You may not get this gas coupon (I signed up in January when there was a $5 off coupon and I did not get it) but hold on and it will pay off. Also, if you are on Facebook or Twitter, check them out on there-they have lots of give aways and keep you updated on new events as well. In my area, these are located with the Walmart Super Centers.

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