Monday, January 25, 2010

Want to Help Haiti?

I often look for ways that we can help charities that I trust with our budget. While at Walgreen's in Owasso, I was asked if I wanted to donate a $1 to Haiti :) I accepted! It made me feel good, and while I know it is only $1, I do know it will gather with many, many more dollars to make a nice contribution to help people who have been so extremely devasted!
And, there are others areas to help out too. Listen around, watch your news, you might hear it. Atleast one church that I know of in Tulsa is collecting items to send over-bandages, bottled water, etc... Perhaps picking up an extra package of bandages (or maybe you have a stash already :) is more within your comfort zone. You can always find a way to help a person in need :)

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