Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good laundry soap deal at Walgreen's

Hit Walgreen's yesterday to get a couple sale items with coupons I had-and get those RR :) I noticed the big bottles of laundry soap on sale. Sun Laundry Detergent is $4.99-but this week they are B1G1F. So, that makes them about $2.50 each. The bottles are 117 oz each. I checked my Aldi brand detergent and they are 50 oz each and you get about 32 loads out of it (though, honestly, I use less than recomended with no bad results at all-I really do like Aldi's detergent and will have to share some experiences I have had later on :). The Sun detergent is 75 I was able to get more than twice the amount I usually get for only about 20 cents more. Yes, I had to buy the two bottles, but Im stocked up on laundry soap for a good 4 months atleast!! Good deal if you don't mind using a detergent that is not a huge name brand like Tide or All. I have really had no issues with the Aldi brand or Sun, so far. If I have a stain, I scrub and let it sit a bit-then wash. Not a big deal and with as much laundry as I do each week, this is a huge savings for me :)

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