Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still Looking for Christmas Clearance Deals

In Owasso, the Home Depot has some Christmas items on clearance. It is only 75% off, but I was able to find some icicle lights priced at $1.62. They rang up $2.40 but the cashier corrected the price, so pay attention as they are ringing up :) They also have some shatterproof ball ornaments which were less than $2 for sets of 9-would be cute for outside decorating, or, if you have kids who have Nerf guns like I do and accidentally shoot toward your tree and hit one of your favorite glass ornaments...ummm..moving on... There were stocking, mini stockings, light hooks, and even some electric candles (those I remember the price being 99 cents). This was last night, and there were still many, many items left, so check them out :)

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