Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pizza Crisps-Great for Freezer Stashes!

My daughter has a blog for teens-with lots of recipes. She has always loved to bake/cook, from an early age! She was right there in the kitchen beside me wanting to get her hands into whatever she could :) So, she started a blog with recipes that teens might like. And, hopefully, teens can make as well.

We made these the other day. She didn't get to help as much as my two younger kids did-they had a blast topping the pizzas with sauce, pepperoni and cheese :)

Go to her site to check out the recipe: Pizza Crisps

I baked these according to directions. I then put them on baking sheets in the freezer to flash freeze. I packaged them up in baggies. And, I will tell you, we ran out of sauce :) Only because I was using what I had on hand at the moment. So, with the rest of the dough, I just made the rounds and flash froze those. Then, packaged them in baggies. The kids can them out of the freezer and top them as they like :) We baked the frozen ones at 350--but you might want to watch these to determine how long you would back them after they are frozen-we are still experimenting with these and it would depend on how thick you make you pizza crusts ;)

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