Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year and A New Me

Atleast that is my goal :) I think most of go into a new year with plans for something we want to change, or do. I began planning some goals I want to get done. Some areas in my house that need cleaning up or organized. I made a list for those, and my husband even added a couple to it that he planned to take care of :) (He just told me to put in parenthesis-So he says Yes, he does read my blog every now and then ;) I also plan to be better organized in certain areas. For instance, I have this great fridge out in our shop-I want to be certain the freezer part stays pretty filled up with breakfast and dinner foods. I have been sick for the past two days (Happy New Year to me-lol) and today was thinking about what I would fix for dinner. Usually I have something quick in the freezer, but not right now. With the holidays, I kept that freezer filled with things for the holiday meals. Or leftover ham/turkey from holiday meals. So, another plan is to make sure once a month, at the least, I stock up that freezer and I pick an area in my house that needs some major organizing, cleaning, etc...That is not to take the place of my regular cleaning, mind you ;)

Also, I am planning a giveaway for February! Please keep an eye out for it. Nothing huge, but since it is my birthday month, I wanted to thank all my readers out there too :)

What are your New Year's Resolutions-do you have any? Or are you just setting up goals for yourself? Please feel free to share :)


Anonymous said...

Hey! Love the blog! So I do make New Year's Resolutions, but I would like to think that I could change something that is problematic anytime during the year. I hope you do well in your goals for this year, and try not to get discouraged.

Debbie said...

Elena, Im so glad you are enjoying my blog :) I agree that problamatic things should be able to be changed any time of the year ;) But, Im hoping my posting for all the world (ok, my small world of wonderful readers :) will make me be more responsible about getting these things done-lol! So far, I was able do part of one of my items yesterday and my husband is working on getting my shop fridge out into the garage! I might be on a roll here ;)