Monday, September 28, 2009

Goal Setting Sunday

I sort of forgot it was Sunday yesterday...I 'knew' it was Sunday, but I forgot about setting a goal this week...

I did not get my exercising in like I wanted. I did do some abs, but that was it. So I hope to do better this week. I am finding it hard to find a time to fit it in, so I need to work on that :)

I did get back into our house routine, so atleast I didn't fail on that :) This week I want to get into cabinets and clean them up. I noticed there was some baking soda all over the inside of spice cabinet, so I need to check them all and clean them out. My wonderful son went through and cleaned all my countertops last night-so I now feel my cabinets deserve the same treatment :) He also cleaned my washer and dryer (on the outside). Isn't he sweet?!

And I need to post about our apple unit study! I have everything I need to get it started and we will begin that today :) I will post links I found that were very helpful tomorrow :)

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