Sunday, September 20, 2009

Goal Setting Sunday

My DH is off visiting his mom and will be home tomorrow. I can see the house needs straightening so he can come home to a nice clean home :) We will work on that a bit today and tomorrow.

Im hoping to start walking this week. I can really see drawbacks since I have not been exercising and I know walking will be a nice and gentle way to start back up. I will add in some abs and weights a couple times a week-probably alternating that with my walking days. Nothing strenuous, but I am tired of feeling achy all the time and I hope this will bring my body back to feeling strong again!

And this week, I hope to fall back into our regular routine. Last week was very busy with extra activities and we are trying to keep busy this weekend in order to not miss my DH too much :) We need to settle back into school work and regular chores!!

And, finally, I think I am going to start a monthly goal, of which I will post once a month :) We are going to start some unit studies in our school work. I did these alot with my oldest kids when they were younger. Matter of fact, for a couple years, it was our major form of learning. I would either find subjects that seemed interesting, or I would follow their interests. Or, we would use Five in a Row curriculum which was just terrific!! I plan to start these back up again for my youngest two kids. They never really got to experience these and hopefully they will ahve as much fun as my older 3 kids had :) This month, because it is a tradition for us, we will focus on apples! I will post the activities we do as well as some links we use for our unit study later on. I will also post here in a bit more info on unit studies if you are interested in doing these with your kids (you do not have to be a homeschooler to do these-any family can have fun with these :)

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