Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Had to Share About a Company

I do not usually do this, but I thought it needed to be shared. I had passed along info about companies before who were really helpful, or passed along coupons. In this case, I am on the other end of that spectrum. We purchased a set of remote control laser tag cars for my sons for Christmas. Very cool car/truck combo that looked like SO much fun-and they would have been had they actually worked. The truck worked, but the car would not go. We tried everything according to the instruction sheet and other things, like switching out the batteries (which were brand new anyway). The instruction sheet says "WAIT! Do not return to the store where purchased. Please call us" So, I waited for Monday to call. The solution to my problem-return to the store for an exchange or refund. I explained there were no more in the store (we checked on Sunday) and that my sons really wanted this set. The lady explained I could send the car to them, paying for my own postage, and they could see about fixing the car, or sending another-with no guarantee it would be the same car. On top of that, it would be atleast 6 weeks to get our new car! at this point I requested a supervisor, who was in a meeting. I waited all day for a call back-nothing.
Im so sorry, but I have already spent almost $50 on this set! I do not appreciate the fact I must spend more money when, right out of the package, it did not work. I know I can take this back to Walmart for a refund, and that is what I now plan to do, but I wanted to share this company with you, so you can be careful when buying from them. Be sure to check any RC car before giving it as a gift, so you will not end up like I did. The company is Jada Toys and I am sure they make good products, I just have a problem with their customer service practices when there is a problem with one of those products. I prefer to buy from companies that will take care of their consumers, especially in this day and age!! $50 is alot for many people to scrap together this day and age, and this company should realize that and be willing to do more than they are offering to do. So, use this information as you will :) I am not telling you to buy or not buy from this company, just be careful to check one of their cars before giving as a present, especially before Christmas, when the store might run out of them!

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