Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reasor's Sales and Coupon Match Ups

Found a couple of great deals going on at Reasor's right now :) I will not be doing Food Pyramid this week. I have been having some stomach issues over the past several months that has increased in the past two months and it is just too much time to find all the match ups right now. Once I find out what is going on, and take care of the stomach issues, I will be back to doing Food Pyramid too :)

Blue Bell Ice Cream-$3.77- $1 printable (must register)= $2.77
Kraft Cheese Singles-2/$3-$1/2 from Reasors CARE book if you have one=$2 for both
Kraft Salad Dressing-$2 -55 cents off (5/2 SS) = $1.45
KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce-$1.18 -$1 (5/9 SS)=.18
If you find coupon booklets by Budweiser products, inside is a $2 off coupon on the purchase of 2 bottles-that equals a final price of 36 cents for the two bottles
Hiland Sour Cream or Dips-$1.25 - 45 cents off printable = 80cents each
French's Worcestershire Sauce .98-.50 printabe (must register) or (5/9 SS)=.48
French's Mustard $1.28-.50 printable or (5/9 SS)=.78
Kingsford Charcoals-$6.88-$4.oo from Budweiser Coupon Booklet = $2.88 (must buy 12 pack or larger of Bud product-but, you can apply for $10 gift card for meat or seafood in back of booklet as well)

Also when you buy Kingsford, you can get free KC Masterpiece, Hidden Valley Ranch, or Glad Product

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