Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Clearance (Insert Giddy Happy Laugh Here)

Right now, Easter clearance is going on everywhere. Baskets, plastic eggs, candy, etc. You can do so much with these items, so grab some for later on! There are so many cute baskets out this year, if you grab them before they are gone, you can use them for gift baskets through out the year. How sweet would these be for Mother's Day with small items stuffed inside them? You can add some of those nice freebies you get, grab some small trial sized items, or whatever! Or, if you have kids like mine, keep an extra basket or two in case theirs breaks and you need one for next Easter!
Plastic eggs, of course, keep easily for next year. We reuse our eggs, so I am set for next Easter and will not need to buy any this year. But, the ones I had for this year, I purchased last year on clearance. You can even stock up on Easter dye for eggs right now. It really does keep well for the next year-I have never had any problems.
Of course, there are many other Easter clearance items you can grab and use if you think about it. Some are even great for party favors later on. One of my girls has a Spring birthday, and we buy cute items, even plates, for her party after Easter.
And, if you love to decorate for Holidays, right now is a good time to start building up your decorations. I have even found adorable items at Dollar General Stores for the next year that I stash in appropriate Holiday boxes for the next year. At places like Dollar General, the Holiday items tend to nto go as quickly and by the week's end after the Holiday, I can find items for 90% off the regular price!
So keep an eye out! I tend to hold back a certain amount of my shopping budget to buy extra Holiday clearance items. This allows me to only spend a certain amount and not go overboard, but also lets me graba  few neat things for later on in the year or even the next Holiday!

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